Monday, March 11, 2013

Life with a Newborn.

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Nobody loves me.

Well, mostly just Wyatt doesn’t.  But that’s pretty normal for kids his age.  But still, I really really really love sleep, and miss it dearly.

This morning I tried to sneak in a nap while the little boys were awake but watching a movie, but that wasn’t the greatest idea because Orrin doesn’t stay interested in movies for more than 5 minutes, and he snuck in and took my glasses and now I don’t know where they are.  Even after I looked everywhere and  bribed all the kids with money if they found them.  Luckily I do have another pair that is my correct prescription, but I don’t like them as much.

These days I feel like I don’t have 2 minutes to put together to do anything.  I go from room to room thinking- oh, I need to clean that up, that needs to be done,  oh and I’ve got to do that- and none of it ever gets completed.  I feel rather like I’m just spinning in circles and doing a lot of washing.  Washing the table, washing kids bums, washing kids faces, washing kids clothes that they spit up on, washing kids clothes that they pooed on, washing kids bottoms again, and so on.

But there has been good times too.  Especially when Brett is home.  And Wyatt is getting cuter by the second.  And actually he has stopped projectile vomiting four times a day, and rarely ever does now.  What an improvement.

Talmage often says things that make me chuckle, such as  “When I’m a grown-up and I take my kids to the store I’m going to buy them everything they ask for.”

And when I had just told him that he was a good helper he said, “That’s what I’m for.”

And at dinner on Sunday I asked him if he’s going to go on a mission and he said no.  We talked more about it and he still said no, and we asked him why and he said, “Cause you have to go to different worlds (his word for countries).”  So we said that you don’t always have to go to other countries, and that maybe he’d go to Salt Lake City, Utah.  And he said, “I just want to go to normal Utah.”  So we said okay.  :)  Problem solved.

Another discussion we had at the dinner table the other day was about how how you have to have a hard life if you want to have more Force (is force capitalized?).  Jethro was talking about some Star Wars guy, and how he has the most force of anyone, and I asked how one gets more force, and he said training and usually you have to have a hard life.  So then Brett and I were saying how we really need to start making the kids’ lives more difficult, since they have it so easy.  And the kids were disagreeing, and saying the chores they do are plenty hard, etc. etc.  And we were saying how they have to build character, and Jethro described this comic to us:

Calvin & Hobbes strip

And we all laughed and laughed.

So on Saturday Brett took Jethro and Hazel with him to help the missionaries clean out their basement.  They came home with lots of stuff like plates and hangers and a fan and a guitar.  Then we made Hazel and Jethro do their chores (I know, they couldn’t believe it either, see above about how they think their lives are difficult ;) ), and then I insisted we go outside.  We were going to look for a geocache but ended up not.  It was fine and we had fun and almost the entire time Brett and Jethro were throwing pinecones at each other.  It’s amazing no one got a pinecone to the eyeball.

Oh, and I took a picture of our new van for my dad to see.  It’s even with a cool au-natural backdrop.  I like it—it’s really roomy for the kids, easy to get into, and has lots of space in the back, but I don’t like how the windows are tinted in the rear because it’s almost impossible to see out of.  But that’s my only complaint and Brett installed a little beeper thing so that you know when you’re backing up if you’re getting too close.  And hey—we all fit with even a seat to spare (it’s for you Mom, when you come!).

IMGP2829 IMGP2830 IMGP2833

Normally one of the two of them were in the woods.   Brett forgot Orrin a couple times because he would follow him into the woods and then Brett would be too distracted by trying to sneak up on Jethro and bomb him with a pinecone and then he would continue on until he remembered that Orrin was still back there.

IMGP2855 IMGP2856


Ethne rode her stick like a pony.


Orrin tried to play with the big boys.

IMGP2869 IMGP2870

  Hazel wore her cowboy hat.

IMGP2871-002 IMGP2886  

And here are some more pictures from around town.



IMGP2669 IMGP2674

IMGP2675 IMGP2678 

IMGP2700 IMGP2716

IMGP2731 IMGP2750


IMGP2757 IMGP2759

I love this face of Orrin’s!!  He is sooo cute and funny.  On Sunday night I was getting his pajamas on and tickling him and then I whispered in his ear, “Let’s go get Jethro.”  So I counted to three and then ran over to where Jethro was reading on the couch and started tickling/attacking him.  Then when we had finished with Jethro, Orrin whispered in my ear, “babble babble babble Daddy!” so then we counted to three and went and attacked Daddy.  It was so funny.


This is a picture that Hazel drew that I thought was so cute.  It is flower people- Ethne, Hazel, Orrin, and Jamina.  When Hazel drew it, she told Orrin that she was drawing him.  It was on the floor or somewhere one day and I picked it up and Orrin saw it and pointed to himself and said, “Me!” with a big smile.  So adorable. 


I love my sweet little baby!!!




Today I walked with Hazel to her dentist’s appointment (the school dentist, in an apartment building right by the school) where he told me I need to make an appointment with an orthodontist, and then since I was already near the little village grocery store I stopped in and got some groceries.  Orrin fell asleep while we were in there and slept all the way home.  He looked so funny all squished in with the groceries.  And he was snoring, which made Talmage laugh so hard.  He said, “I’ve nebba heard him nowing befow!”


The kids got out the costume box.


IMGP2902 IMGP2905


IMGP2916  IMGP2931 IMGP2936   


And now I’m off—I should have been in bed an hour and a half ago, because Wyatt has been sleeping!  What was I thinking?


The Haws Family said...

That picture of Wyatt (4th to the bottom, next to the black and white one) is absolutely adorable! Love it! I hear you on the sleep thing. I told Sterling the exact thing last night -both our kids are sleeping, why are we not asleep??

Andrea said...

That striped outfit of Wyatt's is unbelievably adorable. SO CUTE!!! Loved all the pictures. I am not rushing my life when I say that I can't wait until I feel good enough to go for a walk. Maybe I should have used my muscles periodically while I was pregnant?? Meh.

Still--a walk sounds lovely, lovely, lovely!

emily ballard said...

Cute baby, cute kids, and I like your van!

Sorry you aren't getting any sleep. We babysat one of my twin nieces on Saturday night and then when we went to bed on Sunday, I thought how nice it was that we didn't have to do that again :) Not that she was difficult or anything. . . it's just nice to sleep!

Christal said...

AWW just love your family and reading about all your adventures! Sorry about the no sleep:( it passes thank goodness eh! Great pics adorable kids!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wyatt looks a lot like Ethne ...I think.
Am I right? :)


Anonymous said...

I love the pics of Wyatt in the 'Hero' shirt and the grey striped pj's. And the 'number' one. He is so cute. I think he looks a lot like you. I am going to go look at your baby pics. He is really cute. We have 3 handsome baby boys!
I like your van. So good to have lots of room eh?!!!!
Looks like spring with puddles and mud and the snow-capped mountains are so gorgeous. Can't wait to see you all. Love you!!! Mom

Sarah Harrington said...

That's so funny that Jethro quoted that comic. The boys just love Calvin and Hobbes. They have several of those books- very well loved up and they have quoted that exact same one to me before. So that made me chuckle. :) Oh and that baby of yours is so stink'n adorable.

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