Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brothers and the Cutest Baby Ever.

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Wyatt’s face is so funny here!


This picture is hilarious to me- look at those boys’ faces.  Ha ha ha.

IMGP2178 IMGP2192

“I’m really stuck with this crowd for the next 18 years?”

IMGP2214 IMGP2217 IMGP2219


IMGP2239    IMGP2279 IMGP2300

Talmage was so sweetly proud that Orrin fell asleep on him while they were watching a movie.

IMGP2313 IMGP2332IMGP2323   IMGP2334 IMGP2342  IMGP2344 IMGP2359


Andrea said...

So cute!!!! Jethro--excellent choice of books.

Christal said...

sweetest boys EVER!!!

Kelli said...


Congratulations on baby number 6! He is a handsome little dude :) I'm so glad things are going better now. You guys are amazing!

Oh. . .that Downton Abbey! It steals my 'productive time' but I've fallen for it too!

I'm sad the clementine season is over too, especially because there really isn't any good fruit in season now. . .I'm so looking forward to warmer days!
Take care!

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