Saturday, November 3, 2012


So, yesterday morning was absolutely beautiful with bright blue skies and the sunniest sky I’ve seen in months (it seems like), so I asked Talmage’s Waldspielgruppe teacher if I could come visit, and she said I could.  So about halfway through (it’s from 9-11) Orrin and I hiked down to their little spot and joined in the fun.

Oh, and here’s Talmage leaving in the morning.  He asked me if he could go meet the group by himself, and since it’s really super close I was happy to oblige and not have to change out of my pajamas quite so soon.  :)


And here we are down in the woods.  All the kids had just finished eating their snacks and were lining up and climbing up a tree stump and then jumping off. 


Ha ha, Orrin looks hilarious here.  :)


Then they all joined hands and went for a little follow-the-leader type walk weaving in and around the trees.

IMGP9136 IMGP9138 IMGP9139IMGP9144 IMGP9145 IMGP9146 IMGP9148 IMGP9149

There were baskets filled with leaves and chestnuts to play with.



Then they all went over to this ‘boat’ (actually it looks kind of like a coffin…) and got a paddle and sailed away.  Orrin loved it.

IMGP9154 IMGP9161 IMGP9167

Then they climbed a little hill of sawdust and poked their sticks into it.  Then they all came back to their little spot.  Here’s a picture.  The kids are sitting on the waldsofa (on little blue mats) and there is the cutest little twig/leaf/pine-cone bunting hanging around it.

IMGP9175 IMGP9174


he kids took a seat and sang a couple little songs.


Then their teacher read them a story about an igel (hedgehog).  I asked Talmage if she always reads stories, and he said, “Not ebby time.”  In fact, this may have been the first time?  I’m not sure.


But all the kids were absolutely spellbound.


Another cute little decoration, a little fox flag.  They also have a little fox puppet – I guess he’s their mascot?

IMGP9182 IMGP9186 

And then we all walked home.  It was extremely muddy on the trail and the kids loved tromping through it. 


Fun times indeed.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely delightful time!! Glad you went and captured the moment. What a great experience for the kids.

Dru Davis said...

Maybe "life: is "life" where ever you are, but that is extraordinary. I don't think any of our kids would have a weekly opportunity like that in the states. Sooo cool.

Andrea said...

I always love your posts about this. Probably because they resonate with me...I spend so much time outdoors as a kid. I have to try to recreate this the best I can for my kids! What an awesome opportunity for your kids.

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