Monday, November 5, 2012

Ethne is SIX big ones!


She wanted chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.  I was happy to oblige.  The icing was cream cheese with raspberry jam in it.  Delish.


Okay, this kid turned three right before we moved here, which means she has spent HALF HER LIFE in Switzerland.  That is just so bizarre.  Sometime I’m going to have to post a video of her speaking Swiss German. 

I love how all the kids had to be super close to inspect her doctor set.


And her tea set.

IMGP9092 IMGP9094 IMGP9203 IMGP9208 IMGP9212 IMGP9213

Then this morning she got to stay home and wait for her class to come pick her up and take her to school in the birthday wagon.  This year I didn’t come with her.  She was sad at first, but by the time she actually left she didn’t seem too upset.

IMGP9216 IMGP9217 IMGP9218 IMGP9222

She came home and showed me her birthday crown.  Super cute!  Happy birthday to my cute girl! 


And I have to just show off Orrin’s awesome hairdo that he sported today.  :)


He has learned how to shrug his shoulders and now does it all the time.  It’s the funniest thing ever.


This afternoon I was doing the dishes and he came over to me and started  saying ‘aaah, aaah, aaaaaahhh.’  After a while, he finally was insistent enough that I looked down at him and saw him with his tongue stuck out covered in dirt.  It was so funny.


The other day I was trying to take a wee little nap on the couch, and Orrin came over humming and put something on my chest. Since he was happy I kept my eyes closed to get a bit more sleep. Finally after he came over a few more times, something a bit slimy hit my chin-- what as on me? Cooked spaghetti noodles. Awesome.


In other news, after three weeks of MISSING swimming lessons, we made it to our first one tonight.  The first time I got lost, the second time I got there but unfortunately it was the wrong pool, and the third time Brett had to have the van so there was really no way to get there.  Tonight Brett was super nice and came home early to drive us so I would know the way for sure.  We can’t go into the pool unless we wear swimming suits, so while we were waiting in the car Orrin was sitting on Brett’s lap and ‘driving’- it was amazing.  They were swerving and crashing and screaming and making racecar sounds.  Brett told me that when I got out of the van to go get the kids, he acted like he drove away, but Orrin started getting really upset and pointed back to me, and so Brett said, “Should we drive back to mommy?” and Orrin nodded and got happy again.  ha ha.  He’s such a cutie-head I just love him!

Yesterday we went to our friends’ house and had dinner and pulled taffy.  The kids pretty much all kept busy upstairs the whole time (why I reallllly want a house with two levels) and we adults got to talk and play cards and break our teeth on our delicious but very chewy taffy.  :)  It was so fun. 


The Haws Family said...

Your kids are WAY too big. You need to come visit. That tea set is adorable, and I want to send my kids to school in Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Ethne - you are such a pretty 6 yr old!! You are getting too big. I love your tea set. You will have to pretend I am there a invite me for tea. I love you!!!!
Glad you got to swimming lessons finally!!!hahaha

Lynn said...

The Tea set.... How fun! What a great gift. I hope that when you guys move back that you will be able to take some of those things with you. What a treasure to hold forever from that beautiful country you are living in now. ; )

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