Friday, November 9, 2012

Still more Waldspielgruppe.

I didn’t mean to do this again, but this morning when it was time for Talmage to go to spielgruppe, he was being really ornery and wouldn’t go by himself.  So I went with him.  And as long as I was going to be there, I might as well take pictures, right?
Oh, but these first two pictures I took a month or more ago- he made a little telescope at spielgruppe.  Such a great craft!  So simple (which is why it’s so great)- just a toilet paper tube with double-sided tape on it, and the kids found things to stick on it.
IMGP7472 IMGP7475
And here’s today.
IMGP9388 IMGP9392 IMGP9396 IMGP9402 IMGP9405
So, I love the eyelashes on this kid.  Quite a lot.  :)
IMGP9406 IMGP9408
Orrin had the time of his life.  I told one of the teachers that I’ll have to start paying for Orrin to come too.  :)  (He can't, he’s too young.  Another two years.)
IMGP9415 IMGP9419 IMGP9427 Nov 12
The boys in a little house.
IMGP9429 IMGP9430 IMGP9431
Back at the circle to get some wursts on their sticks.  Today they got to bräteln!
IMGP9438 IMGP9441IMGP9448 IMGP9450IMGP9474 IMGP9476 IMGP9478
On the way home Orrin was super hyper and goofy and it was hilarious.  He was kindof whacking me in the face with a little twig and then laughing his head off.  But it’s really hard to point my heavy camera at a pretty heavy kid I’m holding in the other arm.  You get the idea, though.
IMGP9481 IMGP9482 IMGP9483 IMGP9485 IMGP9488
Time to grab hold of the rope and walk home.
And try not to fall in the mud! (Talmage fell twice, in “the worstest of the mud” but we were going to do laundry when we came home anyway.)

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