Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lantern Parade


So 11/11 is St. Martin’s Day- which you can look up if you want, but I think mainly now it’s just a fun time for the little kids to make lanterns and parade around and sing lantern songs.


All the kindergarteners and their families met at the school and had some warm cider and ran around like crazy for a while in the dark while torches, about kindergartener-height, blazed.  :)

IMGP9707 IMGP9709

The kids’ paper mache lanterns were hanging in their classroom.


Then the parents went down to the soccer field and waited until the kindergarteners came walking down singing their cute lantern songs (such as this one).

IMGP9736 IMGP9749 IMGP9752 IMGP9755 IMGP9756 IMGP9766

Then they gathered in the middle and sang a bunch more songs. 


Orrin was pretty happy until he wanted to play with my camera and I wouldn’t let him, so then a nice lady standing next to us distracted him with her little lantern.

IMGP9792 IMGP9802   Laternenumzug

Another charming Swiss tradition was enjoyed.  :)


Andrea said...

I don't know why but Ethne always looks a lot younger than Emeline. To me, at least. It's probably all in my head.

The lanterns were pretty.

Missy said...

So cute! Your pictures are awesome. I need a camera upgrade stat!

Christine Merrill said...

Man, I can't imagine any American kids getting to walk with a fire and sing songs...we're so repressed. :(

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