Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My grown-up kid.

So I never took Jethro out and got official 10-year-old pictures.  But I didn’t forget!  And today we went to the temple so I could take some pictures of my friend’s kids (and look at the Mormon Home Shop for Christmas presents for the primary kids, which is why we met at the temple), so I had Jethro hurry and get ready (do his hair) so I could quickly take some of him as well.

But I think it was a bad idea, because LOOK AT HOW HUGE AND GROWN-UP HE LOOKS!!  I can’t handle it.

IMGP9243     IMGP9249IMGP9257IMGP9250IMGP9264

Yes, I realize we should have moved away from the tree and gotten a little more variety, but we only had a few minutes.

Okay, these next pictures are the cutest things of MY LIFE.  They really just make my heart feel all squeezy.

IMGP9269 IMGP9270 IMGP9271 IMGP9272 IMGP9274

Orrin wouldn’t smile no matter what, but he sure is cute anyway!  What handsome, smart, super, bright boys I have!!!!


The Haws Family said...

I love it! I love the blue hoodies and the bright green and their blue eyes! He does look way too big. My daughter is not allowed to grow. It's official.

Kami said...

I love them. You're right he is huge. Shrink him now okay?

Dru Davis said...

He is so good looking. Don't have to wonder where his good looks come from, have you seen his parents? He is a great kid!

Kristi said...

just you wait until he is in grade 12 and graduating and looking into colleges. wah!

Christal said...

So handsome is right!! Seriously he and Kolten would get along so well from how you describe him he seem alot like Kolt!!

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