Friday, November 9, 2012

Good week.

I’ve had such a nice week.  The kind of week where I’ve (mainly) been in a nice mood with my kids, and although tonight was the first night of the week that Brett came home in time to eat dinner with us, he played with the kids and we all laughed and enjoyed each other.  So nice to be on that part of the cycle.  :)

I gave these boys haircuts and they are the cutest little brothers ever. 


That morning after they got their hair cut and got out of the bath I got some oranges and apples for them and for me and I took Orrin over and sat against the couch in the sunlight that was streaming in.  Then when we finished our orange, he wanted another one, so I got up and peeled another one and he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to sit in the sun again.  It was so cute.

IMGP9341IMGP9346 IMGP9348 IMGP9363 IMGP9344

Then they played that the floor was water infested with snapping turtles I believe, so they had to get in boats.

IMGP9368 IMGP9371

Orrin even had to put Rascal, Hazel’s raccoon, in his own special boat amid yelling and screaming.


Have I mentioned that Orrin loooooooooooves cars and motorcycles and all vehicles?  He does.  Sooooo sooo much.  Sometimes when he’s quiet I’ll go look for him and he’ll be in some room, lying on the floor, pushing his car and making car noises.


Just one more that was from tonight.


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Kami said...

I love these pictures especially the one with Hazel and Brett.

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