Tuesday, August 28, 2012

List of 16.

1.  What I’ve learned having a chef as a neighbor: If you procrastinate making dinner long enough, it will appear on your doorstep.

2. Thankyou for all the nice comments about my pregnancy!  I think if I ever feel sad or lonely, I can just announce that I’m pregnant and everyone will comment and say nice things, and I will feel happy.  (Although then I’d have to say- ha ha, just kidding- and then maybe you’d comment and say mean things, but I’d probably be happy to get comments anyway.  Win-win.  ;) )

3.  I got my hair trimmed today.  I didn’t want to pay for washing it first, but they said it was a package deal, so I couldn’t opt out.  And you know what?  It felt SOOOOO nice.  Ahhhh.  Getting your hair cut in Switzerland costs WAAAAY too much.  But they offer you a beverage… do they do that in the States?  Maybe I just never went anywhere nice enough.

4. I got a package today in the mail from my sister Megan and it was full of all my favorite Canadian candies (oh, Mr. Big and Aero, I love you!) and yes, Megan is the best sister in the world, and yes, you should be jealous.

5. Orrin took two baths today (once in the morning after I cut his hair, and once after dinner because of normal extreme messiness from eating dinner), and BOTH TIMES he pooed in the water.  Ruff.

6.  How come I can choose either to have a tidied-up house in the evening, or I can choose to have happy, generally peaceful children?  Is it this either-or situation for anyone else?  (Tonight is VERY untidy, but hey, I didn’t spend 20 minutes barking at my kids to pick up, quit whining, no-that’s-not-clean-yet, etc.)

7. Why why WHY can’t the two days of sunshine within 10 of rain be on the weekend???  I really want to go have the in-honor-of-my-birthday celebration we have planned but it won’t work if it’s going to rain and be cold all weekend long!!!!

8. The other night when I was tucking Talmage in to bed, he said, “When I get as big as Daddy is, I will marry you.   …What’s marry?”

9.  On Sunday we had some friends over for dinner and we borrowed our neighbor’s grill and had hamburgers.  It has been way way too long since I’ve had a hamburger.  And that is a shame.

10.  When Brett went to the US, he brought back a handful of clothes that he found when rifling through some of our boxes.  And one of those items was this shirt, which made me SOOO happy:


You see, I totally remembered it from when I got it at a garage sale years ago, and Hazel wore it in these pictures and I couldn’t wait to have a boy to fit it:

Ha ha, look at cute tiny Ethne and cute little Hazel!  Now they’re HUGE!

Anyway, you’re probably thinking, it’s not that amazing of a shirt, and it’s not, just a little Old Navy shirt, but I liked it.  And I was super surprised that it happened to be somewhere that Brett saw it and he happened to snag it up, because really, I wasn’t about to try to describe it and have him search for it.  Happy accident.

11.  A while ago, Brett and I watched a whole bunch of these videos (starting with number 10 and going backwards)—gosh they’re exciting! :

The really cool thing about this particular video is that the clip that starts at 6:56 is at Utah State University campus and the guy in the blue shirt is my brother-in-law’s younger brother (and my other brother-in-law’s uncle).  It’s a cool story and you can find out more about it here, on the Ellen show:


12. I think all those ‘Luckiest People’ videos we found by various links from the original video I looked up:

The bull ones terrify and fascinate me. 

13. Does anyone have any really good Halloween picture books to recommend?  Since Halloween is not really done here (just a bit, the stores try to get some money out of a few little Halloween trinkets), I wanted to be sure to bring in lots of Halloween goodness (since I myself love the holiday), but I’m coming up blank for favorite books.  Anyone? (Also your very very favorite Christmas picture books while you’re at it.)  Please and thank you.

14.  Anyone know how to find jeans for a really skinny 10-year-old boy?  I find some really nice-looking jeans for Jethro and have him try them on and you could almost fit two of him in the waistband.

15.  So I knew my sister Andrea was pregnant before everyone else in my family, and then my sister Lindsay ratted me out to everyone, so then I ratted Andrea out, so then she was ticked at me.  So Brett’s cousin is in her ward, so she went to her and said, “Go tell everyone in the Bell family that Kayli is pregnant to get back at her for telling everyone about me being pregnant.”  But then, Brett’s cousin wouldn’t do it.  Ha ha ha.  That’s funny.

16.  Another funny—when I went to the doctor I took Talmage and Orrin along, and Talmage just stayed in the waiting room the whole time playing with the train tracks (once my sister Amy picked her obstetrician by calling all of them and asking how many/what kind of toys were in the waiting room), and so when I came out of the actual doctor’s office, he said, “Where’s the baby?  I thought we were going to get the baby.”  Ha ha.  Go to the grocery store, pick up eggs and milk.  Go to the doctor, pick up baby.  I like that idea.

That’s all.


Rachael said...

YOu might try Lands' End for Jethro. I have the same problem with Abigail, but if I buy a Lands' End slim and then cinch up the waist with those elastic button thingies inside, it works. (Plus they have that "guaranteed, period" thing, and she wore through her jeans from last year, and bam, they sent a check in the mail when I called about it. They're a little more pricey than I'd usually pay for kids' pants, but since they ended up being free...).

Andrea said...

Talmage definitely pulls off that shirt better than Hazel did. Me likey. Me no likey the bull video, but my kids made me watch it half a dozen times anyway. Halloween is a useless holiday. That is all.

beSlightlyAskew said...

So Zach is a super skinny 9 yr old and I absolutely must buy slim sizes. Not just the skinny style but slim. And I have good luck with the Gap slim size with an adjustable waist. Otherwise he just looks ridiculous.

Chillygator said...

My boss and I watched the Luckiest People together. It was SUPER STRESSFUL!!!

I love Amy's doctor-picking methods (o:

Amanda said...

Casey's family always read a book called "Bony Legs" it's kind of weird, but my kids all love it. Also I love Hazel in that plaid shirt. And, congrats on the baby! Your kids are always adorable!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Christine Merrill said...

Hey, guess what, Kayli! We're due the same week!! :)

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