Monday, August 27, 2012

My Baby Boy.

Orrin is getting so big and so smart and so funny and I can’t believe he won’t be my baby for much longer!  Here are some super cute pictures of him for his 1.5-year-old shoot. 

He calls me or Brett ‘Mama’ when he wants our attention.   He looooves to make messes with his dinner.  He likes doing whatever Talmage does, especially fighting or playing with cars or airplanes.  When he gets mad he folds his arms all angrily and pouts.  It’s pretty funny.  He loooves cats and always follows them and tries to pet them.  He likes to throw things out of the grocery cart (not so bad when it’s hotdogs, worse when it’s yogurt), and sometimes when he’s in the mood, he’ll wave to strangers that walk by.  I love him!

IMGP7165IMGP7182IMGP7189IMGP7184  IMGP7178IMGP7193 IMGP7200 IMGP7207 IMGP7215 IMGP7217 IMGP7220 IMGP7234 IMGP7236 IMGP7238

The end.


Kami said...

Super cute. I love the bow tie.

Kris said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations and Orrin looks so much like Hazel (at least in some of the pictures). I have been so bad at keeping up with blogs! Hope you had a nice birthday - I think I missed it on FB.

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