Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Handsome Talmage.

Things I love about Mr. T:

  • He has really good hair.  And has had, ever since the day he was born.  When I have just barely cut it, and I’m not really a very great haircutter so normally there needs to be a little while of grow-out time before things look better, it still somehow looks great.  When it is really grown-out and needs a cut, it still looks great.   When I style it for church it practically does itself.
  • How he talks.  It is sooooo cute.  When he counts it sounds something like, “One, Two, Blee, Bow, Bive.” 
  • He has started asking really interesting questions, about super powers and how Heavenly Father made the world, and does everybody grow old and do you want to?, and how do the stores always get food, and sometimes things I don’t really understand. 
  • Sometimes when we ask him something he give an affirmative “yiiiip” that is so cute.
  • He gives me good hugs and will still kiss me on the lips.
  • He loves Dr. Seuss.  For his birthday he got ‘Happy Birthday to You’ by Dr. Seuss, and later when we were hiking he said to Brett, “What if you were a wasn’t?  Then you wouldn’t have any fun.”
  • He’s a good brother and cares about Orrin, and likes him to be happy (although you know, he’s 4, so there are moments/hours/days…)
  • He loves cars and any time he asks for me to print a coloring page he asks for a racecar.  I always try to talk him into trying something else for a change, but to no avail.  Once he decided to color a Batman picture, but ended up picking one of the Batmobile.  :)  When I was taking him to the hospital to get stitches we were walking in and he had to pause for a few minutes to look at some really cool motorcyles across the street.  And along the same vein, the other day we went on a little walk and on the way back Talmage passed Brett's motorcycle and went over to it and stroked the side of it and said, "This is so cool I can't stand it!"
  • He is going to make me a very wealthy woman when all the women who want him to marry their daughters try to outbid each other.  (Andrea, I was totally going to write this earlier, and then you left that comment on the post about his birthday about him marrying Kate, and I had to laugh.)
  • His gorgeous face.

IMGP7121 IMGP7110IMGP7122 IMGP7123  IMGP7130 IMGP7131 IMGP7132  IMGP7152    IMGP7144IMGP7160-001






How old are you?

What makes you happy?

What is your favorite thing to eat?
Rice krispy squares (I almost never make these, but I made them today so they’re in his head)

What is your least favorite thing to eat?
Spicy stuff

What is your favorite thing/s to do?
Play with my stuff from my birthday

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite color?
All of them

Who is your best friend?
Jacka, Caelen

What is your favorite sport?

Where is your favorite place to go?
Out in the backyard

What is your favorite book?
Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Artist in the day and Batman in the nighttime


Christal said...

He is the CUTEST little boy ever!!! Great pics and happy birthday to him!!

Alissa said...

He is so very pretty!

Megan said...

WHAT A VERY VERY HANDSOME BOY!!!!! Love you Talmage!

Kris said...

He is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!

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