Monday, September 3, 2012

Waldspielgruppe Begins!

So this is actually a bit late, as Talmage has gone to Waldspielgruppe twice now, but that’s okay. (By the way, my mom was a bit confused about this, it’s only once a week for two hours.)

He was very very excited for his first time, and apparently, so was I, as this is the little znüni (snack) I packed for him.  (It’s one of those things where even as I was doing it, I knew it would never happen again.  I blame it on pinterest with all the bento lunches, and again, my excitement for Talmage’s first spielgruppe.)  He ate everything--tomatoes, carrots, pepper, baby corn, baby cuke, cracker-frischkäse sandwiches, cheese, and raspberries.  How much do you want to bet his znünis will be just apple slices or carrot sticks from here on out?  :)


It wasn’t quite raining when he left, but looked like it was probable, so we decked him out in raingear, and it was a good idea since it did start raining and rained pretty good for at least an hour.

IMGP7303 IMGP7305 IMGP7315IMGP7321 IMGP7323 IMGP7327 IMGP7330 IMGP7331

It also rained last Friday when he went.  But on a different day we walked together down to the little area in the woods so he could show me the little “house” they built their first day.

DSC07911 DSC07920

My little boys are so cute.  Talmage was hitting the house with a stick, so of course, Orrin had to pick up a stick and do exactly what Talmage did.  Funny.

DSC07922 DSC07927

The waldsofa- very comfy seating.


So far, Talmage loves spielgruppe and he even came home singing “handwäsche, handwäsche” meaning, “washing hands, washing hands” which is what they sing as they get water poured on their hands before they eat.  Pretty cute!


Kami said...

Leo thought the waldsofa was cool, and I loved your picture of the forest with the light shining through the leaves, it was a beautiful picture. And FYI, that was a picture of Isabel not Elena and I was laughing not crying, although it was close.

Missy said...

This looks so fun! The Waldspeilgruppe here in my village in Austria has a 3 year waiting list! You basically have to sign up the day your child is born... sigh. But it sure looks great, perfect for the active child :)

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