Monday, August 6, 2012

Swiss National Day in the Mountains

Wednesday was Swiss National Day so we headed up to the mountains.  We drove to Lauterbrunnen and took the cable car up a ways.  Here are some pictures from the cable car.
IMGP6376 IMGP6382
Then we took a short train ride to Murren.
IMGP6383 IMGP6389
Then we started hiking up towards the Schlthorn.
IMGP6391 IMGP6392
It was (as you can see) about the most beautiful day you could hope for.
IMGP6396 IMGP6402 IMGP6405
As is often the case, cows were sharing the trail.  The kids and I were for going around, but Brett pushed through.
IMGP6410 IMGP6411 IMGP6413
We stopped and took in the view when we got here.
IMGP6419 IMGP6421 IMGP6426 IMGP6428 IMGP6430 IMGP6431 IMGP6432 IMGP6435
And had a snack.  You know, Talmage whined just a bit right when we started out, but then he –and all the kids- did so so well.  Good troopers.  Brett said that Talmage said, “Dad, you like hiking, don’t you?”  And Brett said yes.  And he said, “Well I don’t.”  And Brett said “How come?” and he said, “It takes too long.”  Ha ha.
See that peak right there?  Brett said we should keep going to the top of it.
So we started up, but it was really steep and quite hot.  We had to try to get drips of water from the side of the rock.
IMGP6448IMGP6449 IMGP6451
Talmage said, “Take a picture of me like this.  But I’m not going to smile.”  Okay, dude.  Whatever you say.
We wet down ourselves and dipped our hats in the cold brook.
IMGP6462 IMGP6466
Here’s Talmage trying to flick water on me from his dripping hat.
IMGP6468 IMGP6475
Then I saw a lizard and Hazel caught it.
IMGP6478 IMGP6479
Then we got about here and I said, “We’re done in.  We’re stopping here for lunch.”
IMGP6480 IMGP6485 
So we went up this lovely slope and sat down and got out our oh-so-delicious sandwiches (not because they were really extra special, just that eating sandwiches when you’re really hungry and you’ve been hiking all morning and you have a nice view of the mountains is the best way for them to taste extra wonderful).
IMGP6488 IMGP6495
Orrin was soooo excited to be out of the backpack and was running all around.
IMGP6498 IMGP6502
We all raised our arms to show that we’re the kings of the mountain.
IMGP6505 IMGP6507 IMGP6509 IMGP6520
Even me.
IMGP6522 IMGP6527 IMGP6537
Then Brett still kindof wanted to go higher, but the rest of us not so much, so we decided to stay and play where we were while Brett went higher.  He actually went to the very top of Schilthorn.
IMGP6540 IMGP6541 IMGP6542 IMGP6545 IMGP6546 IMGP6547 IMGP6555 IMGP6559 IMGP6563
Meanwhile, we played in the brook.  Jethro, like a good boy, started building a dam, and everyone pitched it, and they made quite a good one.  (“You never know when a tramp will turn out to be a beaver.” –Charlie the Tramp, Russell Hoban)
When Brett got back he was tired.
IMGP6572 IMGP6575
We also braided a flower crown while he was gone.  But by the time he got back with the camera it was already a bit wilted.
And back down.  Going down steeply is quite hard when you’re tired out.
IMGP6588 IMGP6591
We took a bit of a different trail down, and saw some little mountain huts that I’m pretty sure you can stay in.
IMGP6598 IMGP6600 IMGP6603 IMGP6610
Loveliest little path I may have ever seen.
IMGP6611 IMGP6617
We even came upon a zipcord.
IMGP6629 IMGP6632 IMGP6640 IMGP6645 IMGP6648
And here we are, very tired out, waiting for the train to take us down.
IMGP6649 IMGP6676 IMGP6677
We had some dinner when we got home and put the little ones to bed, although I snuck Ethne and Talmage out for just a few minutes to watch a few little fireworks.  I liked these paper lanterns with candles in them at our neighbor’s house.
Jethro and Hazel got to stay out later.  And play with a few sparklers.
IMGP6694 IMGP6702 IMGP6708 IMGP6728 IMGP6732
Then we saw a bonfire at our farmer’s field, so we decided to go check it out (we were told it’s a big get-together for anyone/everyone).  On the way, we could see more bonfires across the valley.
The bonfire was huge, and it was fun going there, albeit a bit awkward since I didn’t know anyone there.  But the farmer recognized me, and he asked if I wanted some coffee.  I declined, then I heard him say something to the guy next to him about milk, and I was guessing he was saying to him, “This is the family that drinks so much milk,” and Hazel later told me that that is what he said.  Then the other guy asked in broken English if we wanted some treats.  So Hazel and Jethro and I had some.  It had been lightninging for quite a while, and then it started raining and really blowing, so we took off running home, and we ran the entire way  back and it was really fun.
Awesome day.  The end.


Andrea said...

Gorgeous. I want to hike with you!!

Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

you better sing "the hills are alive with the sound of music!" when you are up there! for me at least!

Rachael said...

You just may be the coolest family I know!

Kristi said...

umm- I need a job so i can have money to come there and hike with you.

Kelly said...


I just popped over to your blog to show my husband which of Andrea's sisters is the one in Switzerland, and lo and of a place we know! We were at Mt Schilthorn about three days after you! You have some great photos. That was such a beautiful area. We got back from Switzerland last week. What a great country...we were so amazed at the green-ness of the countryside. It was rainy the day we were in Murren/Schilthorn/Lauterbrunnen, so we didn't hike, but it was lovely just the same.

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