Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good-looking kid.


Sometimes before he goes outside to play he says, “I love you.” And then I say, “I love you too.  Have fun outside.”  And he says, “Have fun inside.”


I like when he says, “I am wiwwy gong,”  (I am really strong) and other fun things like that. 


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Love this picture:



So last night Ethne came into our bed (this is unbelievably rare, we do NOT share our bed, but there is the exception when Brett will let a kid climb in on his side if he’s tired enough) because she said her tummy was hurting.  Then I woke up to Brett shooting out of bed, holding Ethne, in top speed, racing to the bathroom.  The gag sound before the vomit.  Nothing induces such lightning-quick reflexes.

So, I stayed home from church today with Ethne, even though she was just fine and I think the only problem last night was probably too much Easter candy and not enough good food.  But that was okay, because I didn’t have to get up early to get ready (and I was also not feeling at my peak, because I have a cold and last night I had a really hard time sleeping due to my stuffy nose).

Tomorrow Brett doesn’t have to go to work.  Yay!


The Haws Family said...

super, super cute. I love that he says "gong"

The Haws Family said...

super, super cute. I love that he says "gong"

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