Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Swiss Geocache!

So Brett had Friday and Monday off of work for Easter, so we got out and finally succeeded in finding a geocache in Switzerland!  (In our defense, somehow we were on the wrong grid or something when we tried at first… I’m not sure exactly how, but that’s why we couldn’t find anything.)

Orrin says, “Onward!”

IMGP2208 IMGP2212

I just love all my little ducks in a row.

IMGP2219 IMGP2223  IMGP2225 IMGP2227 IMGP2229

Guess what- we found where it was hidden right away without even knowing it.  It was right by this waterfall.  But we didn’t know that until later.

IMGP2237 IMGP2242

See, first we had to go into this cave/tunnel thing, where the next set of coordinates were hidden.


Here are the kids at the entrance.


Jethro had a really tiny little flashlight (like the kind on keychains) so he and the girls went in.  So, I came in a little bit after them, and since the light was so tiny, I couldn’t really even see anything, and for just a second I felt really weird/claustrophobic.  But then I caught up with them (and their light).


The next pictures are with my flash, so of course it looks all bright when really it was completely dark.  It was too little for me to walk upright.  And it was a bit muddy.


Here were the coordinates on the wall:


I love this picture with their big deer-in-the-headlight eyes from the flash.


Here come Daddy and Baby.  It was quite a long tunnel, and like I said, very dark. Pretty creepy and cool.  Orrin started getting scared and crying for a second. And we have no idea why the tunnel is there or what it’s purpose was- it’s a mystery.

IMGP2259 IMGP2261

Look- ghosts are in the cave!




IMGP2275 IMGP2281 IMGP2283  

Then the GPS was telling us to go up the side of this hill, so we bushwhacked our way up (Talmage even started crying, since it was muddy and slippery – but I pushed him up and told him to crawl, and he survived) where there was this other waterfall (watertrickle?) almost just like the one we had seen earlier.  We thought for sure this is where the cache was, so we searched high and low to no avail.


Finally we went down to the lower waterfall that we had been to earlier (all our climbing/slipping up the hill had been for nothing), and Ta-DA!

IMGP2292 IMGP2293 IMGP2294 IMGP2295

On the way back to the van we saw cool chickens.

IMGP2299 IMGP2301

And a heron?

IMGP2305 IMGP2306

Ethne is cute.

IMGP2309 IMGP2319

Looking at something on the GPS.

IMGP2320 IMGP2321

And we walked- or cartwheeled- merrily home.

IMGP2326 IMGP2325

The end.

p.s. Moral of the story- you should geocache!  You get to discover awesome places you would have had no idea existed!


The Haws Family said...

That cave is really super-dee-duper cool. I want to come visit just for that. haahaa

Ashley said...

I have been wanting to do this for so many years! Now I am really inspired.

Anonymous said...

Fun times. Cute kids. Love you. Miss you. Love how you write. Mom R

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