Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cadaques and Empuriabrava, Spain

So the next morning we drove to Spain.  Yay!- my first time there, and I quite hope not my last.  We drove to our apartment for the night in a town called Empuriabrava.  But then once we got settled and ate some lunch we drove to a place called Cadaques.


I love the ocean.

 IMGP2516 IMGP2518

Brett had me take a picture of this nifty little car.

IMGP2521 IMGP2524 IMGP2526 IMGP2530 IMGP2535 IMGP2542

We started out on our walk.  We were going to look for a little hidden-away beach cove along the road towards Cap de Creus.

IMGP2543 IMGP2551 IMGP2554

IMGP2555 IMGP2562


Then the storm clouds came rolling in.


Then it started pouring and lightninging and thundering.  So, basically we got to enjoy the whole reason we stopped overnight in this place for about 30-45 minutes, instead of the whole afternoon/evening.  Grrr. 

The girls fell asleep on the way home and were so cute.


After we got home some of the kids got in the tub and Brett started making some spaghetti for dinner, and as the rain had slacked off, I took the camera and went out for a walk.  There were some really cool houses and things.


Someday when Brett builds me a house I’m going to order a little stone turret-thingee with the stairs going up to it on the outside, and a cool door, just like this one- because that would be awesome.


IMGP2601 IMGP2602


But the really cool thing about Empuriabrava was that there were water streets.  Kindof.  But you’d be going along, and then there’d be this waterway where all the houses keep their boats, like it’s their backyard.  Really cool, but I don’t think the pictures do it justice.

IMGP2626 IMGP2628 IMGP2633  IMGP2636 IMGP2637


 IMGP2644 IMGP2645 IMGP2655 IMGP2662

There were a whole lot of stores too, including a butcher shop where this pig head was displayed in the window.


And some guys whistled at me while I was walking along, so that made my day.IMGP2605 IMGP2666IMGP2668 IMGP2671

The end.

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Kami said...

I know where I'm retiring to now.

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