Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super cute Orrin.

I love this boy!!

IMGP8665 IMGP8666 IMGP8670 IMGP8683 IMGP8688

He learned to do a killer cheese grin.  LOVE it!

IMGP8689 IMGP8690 IMGP8704 IMGP8716 IMGP8720 IMGP8721

And here he is with the bestest sisters who were the ones that were getting such great smiles from him.IMGP8727 

Today we went outside for a little walk to get out of the house (it’s been dreary, wet, gray weather, yuck!), and Talmage and Ethne got their bikes and as we turned the corner out of tree-lined little driveway, the wind started hitting Talmage (who had just gotten up from a nap) and he got really cross and said, “It’s too windy!”  And Brett said something like, “It’s  refreshing.”  And Talmage said, in the growliest voice, “You want our bamily to blow away?!”  Ha ha ha.  Brett and I were cracking up.

Later we had stopped for a couple minutes at the tree and bench, and then when we started walking back, Talmage asked if I would get his bike for him.  His bike is a PUKY, and it says PUKY right on the handlebars, so I said, “Is your bike’s name PUKY?”  And he said, “No.”  (He was still kind of grumpy.)  So I said, “Well, should we give your bike a name?”  And he said in this funny, low, cranky voice that was so funny, “No!  Bikes don’t talk you know what.”  Ha ha ha.  He has this hilarious thing- I don’t know where he picked it up- where he says whatever he wants to say followed by “you know what.” 

Then I started pushing Brett, trying to get him to go off the road into the wet grass, but he’s bigger and heavier and stronger than me, so then he was beating me, and so I had to resort to more devious shenanigans, so then he went ahead of me a ways.  So I started running really fast up to him, and he of course saw me coming, so he turned his hat around and started sprinting down the hill, pumping his arms really good and lifting his legs kinda high.  It was so funny I couldn’t run because I was laughing so hard.  Good times.

And, finally, Gigi was wondering what I got for Christmas.  Well, I got a trip to the States and I got another trip which you will hear all about in about a month and a week when I get back.  My flights and hotels are all booked and I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  I will not say to where, but if you follow me on pinterest, you should probably have a pretty good guess. :)


Megan said...

if you are going to Morocco - I am soooo jealous!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Talmage ....... hahahaha. Funny boy!!!! Cute kids. Ethne's hair is getting long again. Hi Kid's!!!! miss you ad love you!!
Love, Mom

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