Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love kids right when they wake up from their naps.  Orrin wasn’t so happy this time.

IMGP8873 IMGP8874

But then he warmed up a bit.  Oh, this face!  I love.

IMGP8884 IMGP8885

This was our fort.  It was pretty good-sized.


Jethro and Hazel reading Calvin and Hobbes.


Orrin did this when I pointed the camera at him.  HA HAH HA!!!  What a smart kid!!


And this is from today- we got some more snow.


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Andrea said...

Sweet fort. I bet you think I'm going to write a long and rambling comment because I'm prone to that. But not today. Today I have things to do, people to see, papers to grade. Uh yeah, papers to grade.

Maybe a long rambling comment is in order. Save me from my job. Force me into partying or reading fiction or anything besides my job.

Gotta go.

My word was mopyrica. Who are you calling mopy??? Now rica, I can get behind that.

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