Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More pictures of Orrin, and Funny Stories.

This is my adorable son.  Sheesh he’s cute.  And he was in a really good mood when he woke up from his nap the other day.

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Talmage makes Orrin laugh.

IMGP8772 IMGP8773 

He’s a happy-maker.

IMGP8789 IMGP8791

So, here are a few funny things.

1-  So, Hazel has this really good friend Jamina, and earlier this month Jamina’s parents invited us over to have dinner with them.  We had fondue and it was a very nice time.  While we were there they asked me what job I had before I had kids, and I told them that I studied to become a speech pathologist, though I didn’t finish the program.  They exclaimed, “Oh we knew you weren’t what Hazel told us!”  and I said, “What did Hazel tell you I did?”  and they said, “Sold icecream.”  (It’s a bit funny because here in Switzerland not everyone just assumes you went to college since a lot of people here have apprenticeships for many jobs, so I guess when they asked Hazel what job I had, she just remembered what she considered the most exciting one- working at Dairy Queen, which, I must admit, was a pretty sweet deal.)

2- On Sunday Hazel and I went to my bed so I could read to her without being interrupted, but gradually everyone came in and Brett laid down by me and I was hugging him and then some kids hopped on and then Talmage came over and jumped on top and yelled, “GOOP HUG!” 

3- There are people that Brett works with who thought for quite a long time (over a year) that we had lived in India.  One time for some reason it came up, and they asked Brett, “Wasn’t it hard living in India with all your kids?”  And Brett was confused for a while, since after all, we have never even been to India, let alone lived there, and figured out that they had heard INDIANA as India.  Ha ha, just a bit different. 

4- Tonight we went to visit an elderly woman in our ward.  She is very nice and her name is Hedwig.  …That’s the whole story.

5.  Tonight, after visiting Hedwig (yes, we told her about Harry’s owl), Brett was helping to get Talmage buckled into his car seat, except Talmage and Ethne had switched seats for the night and so Talmage was in the backseat and as Brett was trying to reach around the front seat to buckle him, Brett said, “If you had just sat in your normal seat this would be a lot easier.”  And Talmage replied, “Well, it would be a lot easier if you weren’t mad at me.”  (Brett wasn’t really mad. Talmage is sure getting the hang of arguing now that he can speak.)

And the following (except number 14) are status updates from Facebook of late, so you can skip over them if you’ve already seen them.

6- Tokens of love from a 3-year-old boy:  Lego creations left on your pillow.

7- Talmage looked out the window this morning and saw snow and said, “Look ebbybody!  [S]No!  It’s Chimis!”

8- I took a little afternoon ‘nap’ on the floor the other day, in a beautiful, delicious stream of sunshine coming in through the window, and Talmage covered me up with his blanket, and came and laid down by me and sang a song with lyrics like, “Jesus guides me to play legos ebby day.”

9- The other night I actually woke up screaming, which to my remembrance I have never done before.  The dream was about… snakes.  Of course.  I wasn’t even getting attacked, it was someone else’s little boy getting attacked and his mother and I were trying to beat off the snake.  I hate snakes.

10- You know it’s time to do laundry when Talmage has to borrow underwear from Ethne.

11-  So I was showing something to Talmage on the computer, but then it froze.  I said, “Sorry bud, but it’s frozen.”  And Talmage said, “I warm it up,”  and proceeded to rub the sides of the computer monitor and breathe on it.

12- Dora (the Explorer): Will you help me sing the right words?

Talmage: No.

Dora: GREAT! Thank you for helping sing the right words.

Talmage: I said "No!"

13- Whenever Talmage gets a hold of the flashlight, he turns off the light in his room and tells the other kids to "come to Halloween!"

14- (This story is from my sister Amy- the one who’s beautiful wedding I just went to.) 

This is a funny story about shaving.   On my wedding day I got my hair and makeup done
in the morning but I had a shower cap and wanted to shower and shave right before I
left to go to the wedding.   So I am in the shower and started freaking out because NO
RAZOR!!! And then I realized that I had given it to Ethan because he "forgot his and
really needed one."   So on my wedding day I had hairy legs......... but the good news is
my 21 year old brother had nice clean shaven ones. just in case anyone was
wondering.   and I dont know if anyone finds that as crazy and super funny as me. ;)

The end.


Steve and Katrina said...

man orrin is cute!! love the pictures of him. thanks for the funny stories, they made me laugh. But I think the best is Talmage. He sounds like a pretty hilarious kid. I love the car seat one.

Christal said...

He is so cute! Just got caught up on christmas your trip and all other fun things!Looks like everything went good and you all had fun! love reading your family is beautiful!

Amanda said...

"That's the whole story" hahaha

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