Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quick post.

1.  There are these chocolate-mint things that we get at Aldi that taste JUST like junior mints and I LOOOOVE them.  I can’t stop eating them. 


2.  This is Hazel and her bff Jamina.


  IMGP8803 IMGP8810


3.  Yesterday we built a blanket fort in the front room and the kids slept in it.  Talmage kept saying, “This is the best bort ebba!”

IMGP8812  IMGP8814-1


4. Today I was punching Brett, okay, just his palms (I used to do that a lot when I was in high school/college), and I looked down at my fist and thought, ‘wow- I am awesome enough that I split my knuckle punching so hard!’  Then I remembered that I cut my finger when I was cutting Talmage’s hair.  Then Brett picked up a couch cushion and I was punching that, and it was all fun and games until Hazel accidentally got whammo-ed on the head by my elbow.  But it reminded me of the fun times Kami, Andrea, and I had in our kick-boxing class that we took together at USU, and how we were the only ones who actually kicked/punched really hard because it was our SISTER holding the cushion-thingee.  Good times.

IMGP8835 IMGP8838  IMGP8842

5.  I love love LOVE Jethro’s face in the picture below.  And Brett is so hot.  And all my children are cute.  And we have fun.

IMGP8850 IMGP8851   IMGP8859

6.  This was the day Ethne’s kindergarten class went in the wald on a rainy, muddy day (as I’m sure you can guess).

IMGP8861  IMGP8864

7.  I went to a second-hand store the other day that was having it’s season-end 50% off sale, and I got FOUR Calvin and Hobbes' books for 2 francs each.  Awesome!!  (What were English Calvin and Hobbes books doing there?  I don’t know but AWESOME!)  Jethro and Hazel have been reading them a bunch, which is funny because I don’t think Hazel really understands too much of them.  And Talmage likes to look at the pictures too.

8.  I am getting so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SOOOOOOO excited for February 20th!!!!!!


Alisha Erin said...

hey, so you're going to Morocco, right? because if you are, i think you need to go see the goats in trees:


Andrea said...

Kate, those last few pics of Brett with the kids were awesome. They are good reminders to chill and enjoy the kids while they still love you.

Also, the last two pics of Ethne are amazingly cute. Just plain amazingly cute.

Hey, you know what, you have five kids. Weird.

Know what else? I didn't not kick and hit hard in kickboxing. If you'll remember, I generally skipped that class even though the Australian teacher was pretty incredible. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

But I rocked my belly dancing class. Just saying.

Hee hee. Ha, ha. I said "just saying" and now you're going to go ballistic and shake your puny fist in the air and send me a hate note. Hee hee. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm laughing my head off over here, across the ocean. Nothing you can do about my saying, just saying. Nothing.

Well, you could possibly write me a not with "a lot" spelled as one word. But you love me too much to torture me like that. Phew.

I'm going to go watch The Office with my man now. Simmer down already. Spaz.

My word is pipsies. Cute. It should be a real word. Maybe we can make up a new race for our next novel.

Tracy said...

I love the moments you captured. When I look at the picture of Brett and the kids on the bed I just see happiness radiating from your family, and I can almost feel myself in that room hearing laughter and seeing the smiles. I love your beautiful family!!

Kris said...

You seriously have the cutest family ever.

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