Monday, February 14, 2011

Ethne’s news.

So many things to post about, so early I get tired and have to go to bed. 

Anyway, here’s Ethne’s news that I mentioned the other day.  Do you see what it is?

IMGP5203  IMGP5210 IMGP5188


She got her ears pierced!!  And she’s so excited.  And very cute.  Since Hazel got her ears pierced when she was four for stopping wetting the bed, and Ethne has never wet the bed since she was potty trained and she is four, we figured it was only fair. 

She was there watching when Hazel got hers pierced, and she remembered the routine.  (Jethro was with us too when Hazel had hers pierced, but he refused to watch.  He went to the back of the store and kept calling “Is it done yet?”  Funny guy.  He was the same way whenever I took a younger kid for shots.   He would wait outside the door rather than be inside and have to watch.)  She told us that she wouldn’t cry, and she didn’t!  We were in Claire’s (yes, here in Switzerland) and the lady got another girl to come when it was time to pierce, and they did both ears at once, so I think that helped a lot.  Ethne got a really sad look on her face, but then it kind of dissolved and they gave her a sucker and told her good job.  Then she looked in the mirror and that was it.  She said, “I told you I wouldn’t cry!”  :)


Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

I showed Cassidy and told her that if she stopped chewing her nails she could get her ears pierced. So thats her goal! Ethne you look too cute!!!!

The Holdaway's said...

She has grown up so much - congrats Ethne!

Jeff & Alisha said...

I can't believe how big she is!! and that she TALKS!!

Kami said...

Oh my goodness!!! She looks so old!!! And she's adorable!! Leo says she reminds him of Isabel. I think they're both a little elvish.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ethne! How brave you are!! Your earrings look so fancy in your pretty little ears. You look so cute! I love you. Grandma R.

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