Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Red and Big Bad.

So there are some recent happenings that I could post about (including Ethne’s exciting news, Orrin’s adorable faux-blessing-day pictures, and how I wasted my morning today), but then one of the following pictures popped up on my screensaver today and I remembered how cute Jethro and Hazel were and that it was before the dawn of time (i.e. before I started this blog) so you’ve never actually seen these pictures, I just had to do a random Halloween costume post.  From 2006, when my big kids were little kids and my only kids.  (Except that Ethne was born the next month, so they weren’t my only kids for very much longer.)

Anyway, I give you… the (most adorable) Little Red Riding Hood (ever) and the (cutest) Big Bad Wolf:









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Sarah Harrington said...

I remember those costumes! The kids look so little, but it doesn't seem like that long ago. And I STILL regret teasing you with your poor big preggo tummy for not delivery on Halloween because that would've been so you.

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