Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some of my recent favorites.

(Pictures, not kids.  Jethro is one of my favorite kids too, I know he doesn’t get as many pictures, (for which I should repent—that’s it, I’m taking some of him tomorrow!) but he’s still one of my favorites!!)

Hazel let me take some pictures of her, then she was kindof done, but I just felt I needed a few more, so I told her I’d give her 50 rappen to take a few more.  Best 50 rappen I ever spent.  WHAT a gorgeous girl!IMGP6005


IMGP6027  I love baby lips.IMGP6240

And baby expressions.IMGP6239

And baby softness and sweetness and angel-ness.IMGP5314-1

I think this picture should be named something like ‘Joy’ or ‘Revelry’ or ‘Radiant’ or something equally happy and wonderful.  Doesn’t that face just make you happy?!IMGP6293

And this one should be called ‘I-love-this-kid-so-much-I-just-want-to-eat-his-cheeks-and-smother-him-in-kisses-forever-and-ever-and-ever.’  Or something like that.IMGP6299  IMGP6303


Rachael said...

Hazel looks so grown up!! And I'm glad that someone else feels the same way about their not-quite-a-baby-nor-a-big-boy child...kissable, eatable cheeks. I am going to be so sad when those cheeks are gone. My girls have thinned out so much and they don't have those fat little cheek-pillows that just beg for kissing and nibbling. Sad day.

Kris said...

Hazel IS beautiful!! I love all her little freckles on her nose. Love all your photos. Also, the one of you holding Orrin while crocheting reminds me of me holding Callie while on the computer! They sure like to be held, don't they? How do you find time to take so many cute pictures of all your kids??!! I'm still trying to get used to juggling the needs of 4 kids at once. Practically impossible.

Kami said...

I LOVE the ones of Hazel. Beautiful. Her hair looks all 60-ish. Come take pictures of my kids. Ruff. I love all your pictures by the way. And and Isabel and Ethne sound/look like two peas in a pod--maybe it's a good thing they live so far apart. Together, they might really be up to trouble.

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