Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dapper Orrin.

  Guess who the cutest baby in the world is.  I’ll tell you.  This boy:  


This boy also has the sweetest little face ever.


He also looks fabulously sharp in his go-to-meetin’ clothes.


And when he smiles in his sleep it melts my heart.


And his rash is all better and he once more has smooth, soft, sweet little baby-skin, perfect for nuzzling.


And he’s the cutest, sweetest baby ever.  (But I think I already said that.)


And he likes me.  He tells me so when we talk.


He was blessed today and it was a wonderful experience.  Our friends the Herrs came from France to meet him and take part in the special day.  We were so glad they could come and be our stand-in “family.” 


I love my little Orrin and am so grateful he is with us!
(p.s. The sweater Brett is wearing in the picture (from last week, not today actually.  Today he wore a suit.) is his awesome Christmas sweater.  How could we resist a sweater with a Swiss flag patch?)
(p.p.s. I made Orrin’s hat and his bow tie.  I couldn’t decide if I liked the bow tie or not (I like bow ties a lot, I just didn’t know if I liked a crocheted bow tie- but that was the only option available to me), hence it’s appearance in only some of the pictures.  Looking at it now, I think I like it.  What do you think?  I also meant to crochet some brown shoes, but didn’t get to it.  Darn!)


Anonymous said...

You and Kami really do have a hat fetish. Something problematic from your childhood I am sure. You should seek professional help!!

He is a cute little duffer in spite of your best efforts to traumatize him!

Love ya FOG

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the hat! Kami

Anonymous said...

Kayli - it is so cute, the hat and bow tie!! You are such a pro now - you did a great job! He is adorable and I can't wait to hug and kiss his adorable cheeks.
Post a pic of the baby blanket.
love ya, Mom

Natalie said...

LOVE that hat! The bowtie is really cute too, but that hat is enough to make me REALLY wish I had the skills to create one myself. He is darling and your pictures are great.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! Kayli! Little Orrin is so cute in his hat and bow tie! I think he looks a lot like Talmage, those cute chubby cheeks! I can't wait to meet everyone some day! Makes me want little boys...bad!

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