Thursday, July 12, 2007

More from Lindsay

Here's another post from this week's guest blogger. But, since she didn't have any pictures today, here's a BEAUTIFUL picture of my sweet Hazel. She is a sweetheart. And Ethne is so fun...I've been playing with her on the bed this morning and there is nothing sweeter than kissing her sweet cheeks and hands and tummy and hearing her happy little laugh and seeing her funny two-toothed grin. Happy babies are sooo joyful!

Now Lindsay:

'My hair grows to my toes.I never wears no clothes.I wraps my hair around my bareand down the road I goes.Daa daa daa daa dee daa daa. -Shel Silverstein

''The worms curled and uncurled in spasms of glee.'-A Barrel of Laughs, a Vale of Tears.

These are some favorite quotes of mine. I just thought I would share them. I would also like to share this message:

Everyone:Life is good so. Trying is all that matters when. It is very important to be. Work hard and you will earn. If at first, you don't succeed then. We are all working towards. And if we succeed we will. There are no exceptions to. Please be prepared for. If not, then there is no. Farewell.

I would also like to tell everyone to watch the movie Oscar, if they haven't previously. It is absolutely hilarious. But you have to be in a funny mood. It's one of those ones that you laugh out loud in. Another movie I find hilariously funny is Whats Up Doc? with Barbara Streisand. Hilarious. A kid told me the other day that if I found these two movies funny, then I should watch Waking Ned Divine. So if anyone has seen it---please let me know if it is worth watching.

Books: Recently I have been rereading the Harry Potter books because the seventh book is coming out----and much as I was disappointed in the last two books, I still thought I should remind myself what happened in the first couple of books so that I can understand the seventh book, and at least have a conclusion. If you have not read the Thief trilogy by ...oh I don't remember now...but if you haven't read it---put it on your to-do list! The first book is called the Thief, the second book is The Queen of Attolia, and the third book is the King of Attolia. Superb. I really haven't done a whole lot of reading for fun lately, and so I am not filled up with a whole lot of ideas. I was just given the book I Capture the Castle to reread, because I don't remember it too clearly from when I first read it. I remember a girl sitting in a sink.

Hmmm... I have no other news of note so I now bid adieu. Lindsay


Katie Walker said...

Sorry, you don't know who I am but I came across this blog via my Aunt Lucy. Waking Ned Devine is absolutely one of the greatest movies ever. You should definently check it out

Heather S. said...

I haven't read any of those books or seen any of the movies. And get this, I haven't even read ANY of the Harry Potter series. Yep, that's right, none of them. Fortunately once I decide to read them I will be able to read the entire series and not have to wait for a conclusion.

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

You aren't missing a whole lot. I liked the first three the very best---even if the writing is a little less finished---and then I think they've been going downhill. I just want a conclusion, so I keep reading, although she could cut out 400 pages per book and it would be much more entertaining!(That was about Harry Potter)

Kami said...

I definitely agree with you on Harry Potter. I really hate series. Why do I keep reading them? They invariably get less entertaining the more you read, yet I keep reading hoping for some conclusion. That's why I recommend the Dark is Rising Series, the one and only I've read that is good all the way through. The Attolia series is so far above criticism too, but it hasn't ended yet. Anyway that's my rant for the day. Oh wait, not quite over yet, I think it was the 4th Harry that was my favorite- the one where Voldemort comes back alive.
The book after that was dreadful and the following (one? two?) were barely better.

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