Monday, July 2, 2007

Getting close.

So, I don't really have anything to write EXCEPT I'm wondering what the heck is going on with my computer. Last night after I published my post, I clicked on view blog, and didn't see the new post. I tried it again and again but it would never appear on my blog. I could see it though, if I clicked on that post separately. Though I know that others can see it because I have received a few comments. Very strange. And then, nobody's blogs that I was checking had anything new. No one's. So, I had heard of google reader and started setting that up, and when I put in my contacts, many of them came up with newer posts that I had not read before....but that STILL won't come up if I just go to the blog regularly. Isn't that weird? Anyone have any clue what's going on? Ruff.

So, have you ever noticed that if you learn something new, say a new vocabulary word, then all of the sudden you read it/hear it everywhere? Well, I had never heard of Boundary Waters before Brett went, and then today I picked up my neighbor's mail because they are out of town and they had a magazine called 'Home and Away' and guess what headline was on the front cover? On the Boundary Waters. Yeah. I was so excited, I showed Jethro and said "That's where Daddy is RIGHT NOW!" Pretty much the coolest thing ever. Yeah.
Speaking of getting my neighbor's mail...I was feeling AWFUL this morning because I thought I had lost her key (now no one will ever trust me to help out again!) and looked all over my room and on top of my dresser (because that's where I normally keep it) and through all my pants pockets, etc. and then found it..........on the key hook, of all places. THEN, I went and picked up the mail tonight and then took the kids to the park and when I was swinging on the swings I noticed my car keys on the ground. So I picked them up and put them back in my pocket. After we were done playing, I put the kids in the car and went to grab my car keys, remembered how I had dropped them, quickly felt for the mail key in my pocket and couldn't feel it, so I ran back to the swingset and searched all over to no avail. And as I walked back to the car, found the my pocket. I'm an idiot!

Tonight I had a first. I took the garbage and recycle stuff out to the side of the road. husband always does that. I often bring them back in, but I never take them out. There's some other things I never do, like mow the grass. I mowed it once, last summer, and it was the first time in my life I had ever done it. (It was always my brothers' job.) And it took me so long to do that I've left it to Brett since then. I figure, why should I spend the time trying to mow and keep the kids occupied when it would take Brett a third of the time? I know lots of people find lawnmowing relaxing, but not me so much. (Maybe if I had more practice...) Another thing I don't do is car stuff. Any car stuff. At all. I don't know a thing about cars. Brett thinks it's pathetic and says that being his wife I should know much MORE than the average girl, but I leave it to him. It's his fault for being so competent. (I also don't have a favorite car--if someone offered to buy me any car in the whole world I would have no idea what to pick--and he thinks that that is TRULY disgusting. The whole being his wife thing again.) There's more; in fact, too many things to list, so I won't go on. But I will be excited to have him home again. (home again, home again jiggedy jig)


MerryPair said...

My co-worker's husband is gone to Isreal for 2 months and she was just complaining this morning about taking the garbage out because her husband always does that.
I feel the same about not knowing anything about cars. Sometimes I try to pay attention to what he is doing and try to learn something, but I get bored very quickly.

Rachael said...

my blog does that sometimes too! I think it's a problem with internet explorer, at least for me. so when it does that i open up mozilla firefox and i can see my updates and everyone else's. if you don't have mozilla, you can download it for free at hope that works!

Andrea said...

I'm right there with you on the car thing. . .I have no idea what I would choose! AND I know you know more than I do about cars. . .so here's one girl at LEAST who know less than you. :)

marenmadsen said...

I never take out the garbage or mow the lawn either - that's all Lance. Then again there' TONS of stuff that I do that he never does, so it's more than fair. Also, I just found out that Lance is going out of town for TEN days in September, so I'll be joining the 'lost husband' club in a few months... *sigh*

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

I love mowing the lawn.

Mistylynn said...

I've had the same issue with my blogspot. I shut everything down and then on again and there it was. Not sure what to do about it. Only happened once a couple of days ago though.

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