Thursday, July 5, 2007

Brett is home, all is well with the world.

Brett actually got home early--woohoo for me!! I guess they had a harder time catching fish, which they were relying on for food, than they thought they would, so the other leaders decided to come home. So Brett called me at 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday and said he'd be home in 10 minutes so that I wouldn't get scared when he came in. He said he had a good time and wished he could've stayed. Poor guy forgot his sunscreen-chapstick in the van, and so his lips were burned pretty bad and were kinda blistered and peeling and it looked like on movies when somebody is stranded on a desert island for a while. His nose was also burned. I said, "You're peeling," and he said, "You're appealing too." :) He has some pictures on the other camera, so when they get developed maybe I'll post a few.

Later that morning we painted the outside of our house. Hazel and Jethro helped. The blue on the right is the new color and the blue on the left is the old color.
On the afternoon of the 4th we went to Seth's house (the nice guy that works with Brett) for a barbeque and to watch the fireworks. It was good times. When Seth intoduced us he said, "This is Brett, and his wife Kayli, and their plethora of kids." Hee hee. I didn't know we had reached plethora status.
This is Jethro and Haylee picking some baby ears of corn from the field. They're really tiny--you just eat the whole thing. I didn't like them too much, but Jethro thought they were awesome.


Heather S. said...

I'm so glad to hear that he is home. What a nice surprise that must have been to have him come home. I'm so happy for you. I think all seems right in the world when a spouse returns after being gone for any significant amount of time.

I'm glad the 4th was such a good day for you. Happy Happy!

Kristi said...

yay for hubbies coming home! love the star head band. so fun. funny how single guys- and nonmembers think anything over 2 kids is lots. - well,it is, but you know! nice blue house!

Mistylynn said...

I do, I do, love your star headband. So creative!

Kami said...

I like the blue, it makes the white seem whiter and stand out more. Can't wait to see it in person. Want to pick me up in Indianapolis sometime?

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