Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Getting excited for Utah!

Yes, in two days I'm off to Utah! Why am I so excited? For one thing, do you know what these are? Yes, my friends, mountains! I'll even be camping for at least one night in the BEAUTIFUL peaks above Logan. (This is the view from my parent's deck (in December)).

Secondly, the karaoke/lip synch event. I can't wait. We set the bar last reunion with songs such as "I'm Too Sexy" by Derek, "Louisiana Saturday Night" by Brett, "I Will Survive" by Amy, a weird song about Mike Tyson which I think is sung by Adam Sandler by Wyatt and Derek, "Dance of the Cucumber" by Bob and Larry--I mean Andrea and Tim, and pictured here--Derek doing "I Love Rocky Road." (He's holding an icecream scoop in his other hand.)
We have selected two songs, one for Brett and I, and one for Brett and Jethro (cause Jethro has incredible moves that I cannot even describe how awesome they are). I can not tell you what the songs are, for some of my family may read this and they are to remain a secret until the very time of performance! Anyway, I'm sooo excited.
I have a funny honey. On Monday night I told him it was his turn to do FHE (always very fun to see what he comes up with spur-of-the-moment) and he decided to make a chore chart for everyone. It was nice and color-coded and everything. Well, on Tuesday night he goes off after dinner to look something up on the internet, and I come in after a minute and say, "Honey, on the chore chart it says you and Hazel are on cleaning up dinner." His face was hilarious as he tried to think of a way out of it...and he manages, "Well, it's more of a guideline...." haa haa ha.
Then, yesterday it was raining pretty good. We owned no umbrellas until a few days ago when I bought the kids a rainbow one at Once Upon a Child. In the morning I was surprised to see that Jethro wasn't out playing with it (he'd been waiting and waiting for it to rain since we bought it), but he said that Daddy took it to work. So when Brett got home I said, "So you took the kids' umbrella?" And he said "Yeah it was raining." And I looked at him and said, "You took a rainbow umbrella?" And he looked at me for a second, then pouted and said, "Pat made fun of me too." It was hilarious.
He made something to go in his Scout out of a compressor so that he no longer has to hand-crank veggie oil out, instead, he just lets the compressor turn on and it fills up. I don't know how he did this, but I thought I'd tell you in case any guys read this and think it is interesting. I filled the car the other day with biodiesel all by myself. It was a proud moment. I mean, we've been running on biodiesel for a long time, but I'd never actually filled up, out of our very own garage, until then. It made me proud.


Mistylynn said...

Okay Kayli, my hubby and yours would probably be best friends if we lived closer to one another. I'm going to tell my dh about this post when he gets home tonight and then if he has questions... especially about actually using th biodiesel, because he's read books and his day and him keep talking about it. Letcha know.
PS have fun in Utah

Mistylynn said...

I meant his dad, head not as fast as hands. Sorry

Kami said...

My song is going to be the best. Plus I'm going to wear a hat from my collection. What could be cooler?

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