Sunday, July 1, 2007

3 more days.

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a picture I stole from Kami's blog of my brother Wyatt and his wife in their Canada shirts. Wyatt's says 'I'm not only Perfect I'm Canadian too!' So that's my bit of patriotism for my home country for the day. Both of my brothers so far have married girls from Canada, which is a little bit unlikely considering we moved to the States way before they were dating age. Wyatt and his wife are also a little bit related; I can never remember just how. But that's the risk you run when you date in Cardston, right? :)

I should go to bed. It's late, and I've gone to bed awfully late every night since Brett left--but, since there's nothing more exciting to go to bed to than, well, sleep--I'll continue to post a gazillion pictures.

Today I asked my visiting teacher and her husband to watch my kids while I was up at the organ. It was fun watching my kids crawl all over them (they don't have any kids yet). Funny to see from afar. They were very nice.

But...I was really mad when I realized that I didn't pick any patriotic songs and it's the 4th this week! (I don't usually pick the songs.) Oh well.

But, I did come home and make some star barrettes for the girls to wear on Wednesday. I'm sure I'll have pictures to show. ;)

My parents are coming back from Scotland tomorrow. My brother Wyatt and his wife Lindsay Ann just had a baby (their second) the other day (thurs or fri, I can't remember for sure) and they named her Cassidy Fay. Fay is Ethne's middle name too! And my mom's, which is where we got the idea. :) It means fairy, did you know that? And Ethne means fire, so she's our little fire fairy! (and we totally did NOT know that when we put it together and we didn't know she'd have red hair--but we hoped!)

I taught Jethro and Hazel how to play 'Crack the Whip' and so they were running around holding hands--it was very cute. Hazel kept saying "Tak adain!"
And I really do love Jethro as much as my girls. See--I do take pictures of him too.
I really should go now. It's midnight and I have nothing left to say, but my brother Ethan told me to listen to this song called 'the Funeral' by Band of Horses, and since my computer is SO stinkin' slow! it's taking a million years. I really like the first 1 minute and 55 seconds though. A little on the depressing side if you listen to the words, but pretty great music. Try it out. My latest song to listen to over and over is called 'Life is Beautiful' by Vega4. You've probably heard it--it's all over the radio these days. Okay, I'm really going. Bye!


stevenandkatrina said...

Cute pictures Kayli. I really like the ones of Ethne in her long dress. So cute with the rocking chair. I was going to tell you that you could go see if there was any chocolate at my apartment. I might have left some...but then again, I probably didn't. I can't remember. I would come keep you company while Brett's gone but I'm too far away:) 3 days will go by fast....hang in there!

Heather S. said...

I love all the pictures. Like always you have a great skill of taking pictures. Good Job!

Heather S. said...

Kayli--Just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged!

Mistylynn said...

Great pictures can't wait to see those star barrettes

Kristi said...

yay Canada! love the pictures of your kids- The black and white ones of Ethne look like they could have been 100 years ago. classic beauty. how do you play crack the whip?

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