Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jethro's 5th Birthday Pictures

We went out to some fun places to take pictures of Jethro since he's turning five on Saturday. I didn't really get any fabulous close-up shots, but we did have fun.

I asked Jethro a few questions about being five, and here's what he said:
What are five-year-olds like? Big brothers, good boys, boys that are smart
What can you do at five that you couldn’t do before? Go to school, go for a walk by yourself
What are you going to be when you grow up? Daddy and engineer

Although Jethro wasn't born in Indiana, he has spent 4 of his five years here, and so a by-the-corn shot was pretty obligatory.

It's hard to get a natural smile from Jethro. But his funny faces are funny!
Hazel sure loves her Daddy!
Who's this girl? She looks so big to me all of a sudden.

A favorite. Jethro was afraid that a train would come while we were on the tracks, and indeed one did come. We hopped down a ways and watched it go by, and Hazel grabbed my legs and held on SO tight with her arms and legs!
And this may be my favorite shot of the day. I just like it.


Todd and Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Jethro!! You got some really great shots! Love the water splashing one and the fence one too!!

Katrina said...

Very cute pictures! Love the ones of the train track!

Mistylynn said...

Thought you'd get a kick out of the T-shirt I found my hubby at the thrift store in like new condition. Across the front it said, "Still plays with cars".

Timothy Young said...

Those railroad pictures are disturbing- they make me want to get your kids off the tracks.

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