Sunday, June 3, 2007

Time for a game of Guess Who.


This one is my Dad. He's a really nice, weird guy. I like him. Shall I find a small anecdote from The Dad Book? Okay, here it is. This is a note between Dad and Kami one sacrament meeting long ago.

Dear Dad, When will you come home from Chigco?

Kami, That's Chicago--I will return to thee when the flowers bloom in the field and the green leaves are in the tree-and the ice is off the bay.!!
Dad, What day in what month is that? By what you say it will be in August, though hopefully March 1. That's when it opens.

Fear not thou miniscule assortment of corpuscles. My return is imminent. Keep thy energies focused on the development of thy talents so that ye may support thy parents in their reclining years. Amen (the supporting of him in his old age is a VERY common theme of his)

Who are thou to say what I will exert my energies in. When you are grey with age I will take your boat, put you in it, and dump your ailing body over its edge into the icy waters of the cold Willard Bay, for your soul to haunt its waters forever after that. Kami

It is my responsibility as patriarch over this litter of mongrels to direct thy barking that it might bring joy to thy soul and money to my silken purse. Fight not against my authority or thou mightest be lashed unmercifully with Mongolian noodles and slimy seaweed. Now let me draw this epistle to a close by calling you to repentance--rebel not--smoke not noxious weeds--inject not peanut butter into your veins--Amen again.
This is Derek, my older brother, and his son Tyson. If you did not guess that, you are not held accountable as he has not yet been featured in a Meet the Family post. (Unless you know my family. Then you are accountable.)

This is GORGEOUS Lindsay. Did I mention she is gorgeous? I love this picture of her and her guy friend (he's not a boyfriend, she insists) Allen. Alan? Anyway.

And THIS --really why I wanted to play this Guess Who game--is Ethan. My *little* brother. If you did not guess that it's okay, even though he has been featured in a Meet the Family post--because *I* almost wouldn't recognize him. This definitely does not match what is in my head. And why is his hair allowed to be this long? It's a puzzle. Well, actually, it's because he's the youngest and gets away with whatever. Anyway, had to post this picture since I find it a little bemusing.

And THIS is my honey. Isn't he hot. Doing what he loves (and is very good at, I might add). He got the NAPA hat for free for trading in his old one the other day, but I kindof prefer his old Utah Power one. Oh well. You'd like to see some more pictures of him??? Fabulous. I'd be happy to oblige.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ethan has an attitude to match his hairdo. Youngest kids, what can you say.

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Yeah, his hairdo. Supposedly he's allowed to grow it out until the END of football season--the season that hasn't even started yet. But when you see all his friends hair, his looks half-ways decent. Then again, when you see eight boys in swim trunks in your kitchen making grilled cheese sandwich, and your brother is nowhere in sight, and they have no idea where he is----anything looks half-ways decent.

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

I'd also like to add that you probably wouldn't recognize him. He is much more filled out and toned---don't let him know that I said that, I will never hear the end of it. But I was noticing in church last Sunday when he was standing next to two somewhat scrawny kids, and he wasn't so much taller, but he was lots thicker and much more muscular. That is my story. He is funny--especially when I took him to get basketball shorts and I was babysitting Hailey, and this lady asked about his wife and child. HA!

Joanne said...

I love your blog!!!!! you are so funny and love the pictures too. Just thought I'd let you know that your alberta cousins are enjoying your life and pictures. keep up the great work!

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