Friday, June 22, 2007

Ethne and Elena

Hi. I know I abandoned you all this week, but it was for a good reason. You know how I was so excited for my sister Kami to move to Chicago so we could hang out sometimes? Well....I got to do just that!! It was fabulous. She drove up to bring her car to Chicago (because although they haven't moved there, Leo has been flying from that base and needed a car) and to look for an apartment. So, she called me on Saturday night and said if we came and got her she could stay with us for a few days. Church was conveniently cancelled because the gym floor was redone and the fumes were still fumey, so then we picked her up and her daughter Elena, and our other sister's daughter, Olivia--she's nine. Anyway, we had a lot of fun.

We did some Rook-playin (Brett and Kami stomped on Olivia and I, it's true),' some arm-wrestling (I TOTALLY beat Kami, and then she wanted to do another one right after, which she beat me---of course, because I had given my last droplet of strength beating her the first time--and she wanted to do best out of 3, which is ridiculous of course because everyone KNOWS that it's the first one that counts.),

some stompin (Olivia and Brett worked on learning to do The Worm (Brett successfully, Olivia--not so much, but as you can see she DID have a super-cool outfit),

some fondue-eatin,

some tutu-wearin (Kami told me not to post these pictures of her. heee heee hee),

some cute picture-takin of the little E babies, and other varied and fun activities. Another of my sisters called and said "Is it just like old times--Brett the polygamist with his two wives?" referring to back at USU when Kami spent a lot of time with us. ;) I must say--polygamy would have a few perks---Kami did the dishes for me every day. I LOVE YOU KAMI!!!!

On Saturday Brett and Seth (from his lab) got the new front windows put in. The only injuries sustained were a twisted ankle (Brett's) and a cut thumb (Seth's) when the window broke. I put a couple band-aids on Seth's thumb, and then he wrapped it in duct tape. I thought it was funny, but he said it works well.

Hazel also had her 3rd birthday this week!!! So we had a little flower fairy party for her (that's why there were tutus around). It was pretty fun.

Kami was also going to make me a cool banner for my blog, which I was so excited about, but the trial version of photoshop elements that I had wouldn't allow it to be uploaded. It was really rude.

Oh yeah, for Father's Day Brett got the obligatory tie (a sweet one from Goodwill), a cd of songs that remind me of him (including but not limited to: theme song from 'Lonesome Dove' a song from 'Bourne Identity' (it's called Extreme Ways by Moby--which is one of the songs they were stomping to), and 'If You Could Hie to Kolob'), and the Bourne trilogy books, which I've heard are really good and different from the movies. Oh, and a hat.

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