Saturday, June 2, 2007

Another day, another 71 pictures.

Hi. I took a lot of pictures today. (sorry, I didn't get this post finished last night, so although it was yesterday, it'll say today in some places.) Do you want to see them? I thought so. :)

Here are some funny stories. Last night, Jethro told me his first joke. It wasn't funny. But it was funny that he thought it was funny. You ready? "Once a bee wished he was a fly." Yeah. That was the whole thing. Ha ha.

Last night, when we were getting the kids to kneel for prayer, Brett put his hand out, so that when Jethro straightened up (kneeling still) he bonked his head on Brett's hand. Then he said, "HEY!" So, then Hazel said, "My turn!" And Brett put his hand out, she bonked her head on it and yelled "HEY!" Ha haa haa.

Brett had a Scouts activity this morning, and so he was taking the car, and I really wanted to go to this one garage sale, because it advertised clothes 4-6, which is what Hazel will soon be wearing, so anyway, I sent Brett to it, wondering what he would come home with. He did well, he bought a pink shirt and some jeans. He said, "They all cost too much in my opinion, but I thought you'd be mad if I came home empty-handed." Ha ha. I asked him if he felt silly looking for little girls clothes, but he said no. (Obviously he's too macho to feel silly.) ;)

Here's the kids playing in the little tree-house they had after Brett trimmed some branches of our trees. They are putting their heads next to the "fire" they built to make "tin-koil dinners", as Jethro called them. Notice Jethro's ear...more about that later.

Then we decided to go to the Potholes. They were AWESOME! I SOOO loved them. But anyway, here are some pictures from the trip. So you can see what Indiana looks like (those of you who do not already know), and feel like you were along with us. There is more than corn in Indiana as the song says, but there's still definitely a lot of cornfields. Okay, I don't know exactly where this text is going to end up between pictures, but the picture of Jethro's ear shows how HUGE Jethro's ear swelled up. We don't know why--maybe a bug bite or something? But it was ENORMOUS! We kept calling him Big-Ear and Dumbo all day, but he didn't mind. Oh, and there are some of the sites in Attica, Indiana, in case you wanted to know what Historic Attica Indiana looks like. My goal for the drive was to get a picture of a cow, and finally on our way home, Brett said "There's a cow!" and generously slowed down so I could snap a picture of the very big calf nursing. And a little cemetary on Potholes Road. And a chicken. Which is cool.

So anyway, here we are at the Potholes which, as I said, were AWESOME!!! (Ginger, I know you said they were cool, but you really did not use as many capital letters and exclamation points as you should have, however, you did have a sick kid, so that can be a dampener--speaking of your sick kid, when we passed Pamida, I said, "That's where Sam threw up!" so he's pretty much famous.) So, you walk up this little gorge with a small amount of water running through, but there are these holes in the middle (hence--the Potholes) that are somewhat deep. Deep enough, in fact, that we almost lost one of our children in one. You see Hazel tramping boldly through the water in the first picture...then see how wet she is in the following pictures? Well, I was helping her through one of the pothole areas, then I set her down to wait while I helped Jethro, and she just recklessly walks forward, right into a pothole, and bobbed at the top--little hat floating on the top of the water. It was kinda like on cartoons how one minute a person is walking on land and the next their gone into a big hole. I quickly grabbed her, and asked her if she was okay. She said "Yes," --didn't cry or anything, but after that she was MUCH more cautious. Anyway, it was SOOO fun and SOOO exciting--too short though. And Jethro was scared of the potholes, but we made it to the end of the journey where we found Ming, a guy from Brett's department taking pictures of the waterfall, so of course, I asked if he would take a picture of our family. How convenient. Then we hiked back and ate our sandwiches sitting in the back of our car.

Brett said he thinks we are the worst people at being prepared of anyone he knows because we didn't bring extra clothes with us when we should've known we'd get wet (but we didn't know just how wet), but I thought that was rather harsh (at least in this particular situation--we kinda sometimes are not very prepared) since we had sandals instead of shoes, hats, sunscreen, bug spray, good food, baby carrier, camera, AND we did have extra clothes in the back for Jethro and I because we had a bag of stuff we were going to drop off at Goodwill. Maybe we will leave a set of clothes in the back of the car permanently for just such occasions. Brett also said to me "Isn't it against the rules for the parent to come out much more wet than the kids?" But hey---I was having a very good time!

Anyway, lots of fun had by all.


Christy said...

This post was so funny! I loved reading about Ginger's trip to the potholes and you're right, they do deserve more CAPS and exclamation points!!!

Ginger said...

I'm so glad that Sam is a celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did think that the potholes were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except we didn't get to walk up the stream like you guys did, we thought we'd save that for next time. I SSSSOOOOO glad that you had a FABULOUS time!!!!! And that you even noticed that cool chicken. Being from Wyoming and having been through a lot, a lot, a lot and a lot of small towns, we almost didn't notice it! There sure is more then corn in Indiana.

Christy said...

Don't people say, "There's more than corn in Indiana. We've got soy beans, too!"? Did you say that in your post? Anyway, when I was in Vegas a taxi driver said that to us when Mary and I mentioned that we met in Indiana.

Good times.

Heather S. said...

That looks like so much fun. I want to go. No fair! John will be in Lafayette Saturday and Sunday. He's going to visit Marianne and her family before heading back.

Todd and Amy said...

FUN!!!! I love all your pictures. And holy huge ear??!?!? I hope it's fine now! That place looks like such fun... maybe someday we'll come explore that part of the country :)

Todd and Amy said...

FUN!!!! I love all your pictures. And holy huge ear??!?!? I hope it's fine now! That place looks like such fun... maybe someday we'll come explore that part of the country :)

Andrea said...

We've been planning a trip to the potholes in a few weeks because we keep hearing about them, but haven't ever been. Now I REALLY want to go after seeing your photos.

That was nice of Brett to go to a garage sale and that was funny of you to make him go. That is totally something I would do. . . make Tyler do something a guy wouldn't really want to do. (But he'd do it anyway.)I would be afraid of what he would bring home though.

LOVED the photos, too!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

HOly hannah that was the longest post ever!

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