Saturday, June 9, 2007

If your house is really a mess....

If your house is really a mess and a stranger comes to the door, greet them with, "who could have done this? We have no enemies." ~Phyllis Diller

I can't remember where I saw that quote, but I *LOVED* it. I'm saving that idea to really use some day when my MOM comes unexpectedly and sees my house.

The other day my Dad called and he said, "What are you up to?" and I said, "Oh, just trying to clean my house." And he said, "What, is this like a yearly thing?" Ha haa ha ahem. That's right, you wouldn't want to overdo it. ;)

So, I FINALLY did some scrapbooking. YAY! It's been For-eeeeever! So I had to post them right away. That one with the one large picture of Hazel I've been wanting to do forever...when I saw it (I pretty much copy to some degree all my saves time and I know it'll end up cute!) I bought the same paper, same little wooden flower, and I just waited for The Perfect Picture. Now after a year or so...I got it! The top one is a Shelly Laming lift. Anyway.

Poor Jethro, some of you may remember his Big Ear day, and then the day after that, he was peeling carrots for us for dinner--no problem, but then he tried peeling a potato and cut his thumb quite badly.

Then the next day he woke up with a swollen eye. I don't know why he had a swollen eye, perhaps he'll die. Actually we think he just got a mosquito bite or something and it puffed up extra big. It was a rough few days there for him.
This is Hazel and Jethro with their river that they made. My sister Andrea has been writing a little preschool curriculum and mailing it with all the little worksheets to me. So, we learned about rivers and went on a walk by the river to gather all kinds of stuff like shells and grass and sticks and rocks. Then we made salt dough and made our river bed, and sprayed it with glue spray and put sand on it, then put all the stuff we gathered on top. It was fun. I should have taken pictures of our sugar cube pyramid from last month when we learned about Ancient Egypt. We spray painted it gold and everything. I could totally homeschool. That is, if my sister did too, and just sent me all of her plans. :)
Here's a little inch-worm I found in my kitchen. Isn't it so cute? I thought it was. She's really crawling pretty great these days. Goes and finds all sorts of good paper and fluff on the floor to eat.

Here's Brett's latest project. In case you can't tell, it's the passenger floor of his Scout--all gone--and he's made a new floor that he's going to weld in. The old floor was so rusty and corroded that I actually made a hole in it one time when I stepped on it. He's already made a new floor on the driver's side. Why do we have a vehicle that we have to put entirely new floors in--doesn't that sound like the point when it should be given to the junkyard? I don't know, I just married the guy.

Ethne decided she'll skip baby food and go straight to grown-up food, particularly bananas. Actually though, she is doing a little better now at eating some baby food, (yahoo--I won't have to nurse her until she's 10!) and bananas are a favorite.

And here's what we did today. A little of throwing rocks into the water, a little wading/swimming, a little climbing trees (look at my huge guns! (or arm muscles, in case you don't know the Brett slang)), and a little cooking hot dogs. Fun fun fun. Summer is so fun for stuff like that.
I guess that's all. There were quite a few other funny things I was going to share, but I've forgotten it all by now. Have a night.


Kristi said...

cute pages- love Shelley Laming. love your stuff. I hear you with the cleaning the house thing- definitely don't want to over do it.

Heather S. said...

Those are some very cute pages. I'm so glad you shared them with us.

Poor Jethro, how sad. Kids really seem to have things go wrong all at once.

Kami said...

Kayli, I love your pictures at the river. I want to be there when you say that to Mom. And really, I'm with you all the way, I just have less kids so it's not as evident yet. Really, I think we should just live be Andrea and SHE can teach our kids while we umm... eat chocolate.

Todd and Amy said...

Poor Jethro! He sounds like a tough kid though!! CUTE scrapbook pages... I've finally been scrapping again, but haven't posted anything in ages!

Loren said...

Do you think Jethro might have a spider in his bedroom or something that is biting him? That is some serious swelling!

jessica said...

such cute pages!!

Andrea said...

I don't think it matters if you have a clean house or not BECAUSE look at all the fun things you do with your kids! I've decided I have to give up some cleaning if Elise and I want to have any fun. :)

Where are you guys when you're in the water? Looks like fun!

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