Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Story of Us

My sister Kami tagged me to write how Brett and I hooked up. Which I'd wanted to do anyway, since way back on our anniversary actually. Here goes.

Our story.

Once upon a time, a beautiful maiden descended from the desolate and freezing north to a lush and blossoming valley to acquire learning and edification. Because of her tremendous beauty and captivating grace and charm, every man who saw her fell instantly in love with her. Though gracious, she was indifferent to their vows of affection.

Then one day, she beheld a man who had recently returned from far-off lands, who posessed such intelligence, valor, and gallantry that she immediately lost her heart to him. Naturally, the man returned her devotion, and they felt that they had all they had ever dreamed of. But the ill-fated couple soon found that their love was not to be. For the man learned that the maiden was far too young to be wed, and seeing this as a deception, he refused to see her more.

This maiden grieved greatly, and was so overcome that she drowned herself. When her body was found, the man was tremendously guilt-stricken, for not only had he cut her off, but he had been guilty of an untruth himself. For he was a swineherd's son, and not worthy to marry the lovely maiden anyway. He could not stand to live more, and shortly after threw himself in front of a chariot and was trampled to death.

The end. (touching, isn't it?)
p.s. all of you gardener-extraordinaires reading this (and I know there are a lot of you), how do you keep your pumpkin plant from over-running your entire garden. I lifted one side of it onto the fence and so now it's not only threatening to take over my garden and my yard, but my neighbours yard as well. Aunt LaVerle, have pity on mom's in Scotland and I can't call her. (Even though I live a thousand miles away from my mom, it's always annoying when she leaves.)


Anonymous said...

#1. Do not plant pumpkins unless you have a huge vacant area in your garden to fill.
#2. If you did plant pumpkins in a small garden, clip off the runners to keep the plant the size you want. It will produce larger pumpkins anyway if it doesn't keep trying to produce lots of little ones.
#3. Uncle Larry says if you sing to your pumpkin it will be more obedient.

MerryPair said...

That was a lovely story. How unfortunate that love can be so deadly.

Heather S. said...

I ditto the first comment. Except the #3, I don't know who Uncle Larry is.

Ginger said...

I was going to say exactly #2 from the first comment. So that's 3 of us now, so it must work.

Misty said...

I wish I had your problem with pumpkins, my one lone pumpkin plant is barely surviving... I'm sure we'll have pumpkins by fall though!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Kayli, you make me laugh just about every time I read your blog. This was hilarious.

Ginger said...

So, if this beautiful, young maiden drowned herself, then that would mean you, Kayli, are dead. And the ghost of you is writing on this blog. Hmm...

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