Friday, June 29, 2007

Five days left.

So, it's a bit of a catch-22 that when you have kids, they generate a lot of work for you to do, and then impede you from doing any of it. I'm not saying I blame them. I did the same thing to my mom (let me just mention however that my mom was a million bajillion infinity times better at getting things done notwithstanding children than I am). I'm just noting the paradoxism of it.

I was starting to be driven just a bit crazy with Ethne beginning to have the 'stranger anxiety' that is I understand, usual at this age, but it's more like 'my-mommy-is-looking-in-the-other-direction-which-may-mean-she-is-thinking-about-leaving-the-room-without-me-so-I'd-better-scream-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-so-she-doesn't.' (okay I exaggerate. Slightly.) Anyway, so I was feeling a little aggravated because it's impossible to weed the garden, or practice the organ, or go to the bathroom with this going on and I have no husband to spell me, and THEN my sister Kami calls me and tells me how their moving truck is late with all of their stuff so they're living with a few pans and a wooden spoon that their bishop's wife lent them, and their apartment is extremely nasty and falling apart and Leo's sick and her baby is getting four teeth and doing the same attached-thing as Ethne, and I felt abashed. Quite.

So anyway, that's me. I'm doing well. I realize now we were imbeciles to plant pumpkins and watermelon (I think it's watermelon now that I got out there and started hacking off the proliferate runner-thingees). All the chocolate chips in our house are eaten. I think I'll head to the farmer's market tomorrow and see what yummy things I could come home with. We ate our first zucchini today. Hazel loves waffles and pancakes. She can out-eat me at breakfast any day. All our chocolate chips are gone, which makes me sad. Oh, I guess I already said that.
I miss him ---->

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