Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New 'do.

So, I just did the Cindy Crawford workout and she kicked my bottom. But, this is the third time I have worked out in roughly two weeks, so that is really good for me.

I also cut my hair. Really short. I feel like I have looked in the mirror two million times since yesterday, but I am still not really used to it. One of my sisters said that I finally look old enough to have a kid, so that's progress, I guess. :) I don't think I hate it, but I am not sure if I love it either, and probably won't keep it this short for a REAL long time. We'll see.

And, just for fun, here are just a few random 'memories' from the dad book (from various kids in my family).

Megan: During a father/daughter interview one Sunday in Provo, Dad asked me in a very concerned voice, "What drugs have you been doing lately and did you steal any from me? You shouldn't take mine, I am your father." Then he started talking about his brain on drugs.

Derek: Every night Dad would throw a ball to me so I could leap onto the brown poof and catch it. I wouldn't have to go to bed until I missed one.

Me: We were all at stake conference one Sunday in NoDak, and Wyatt was sitting there minding his own business when Dad leaned over to him and whispered, "It's not my fault you're ugly, you must be a throwback."
Kami: One time Dad said to Leo, "Sorry for all the mean things that I've said to you that are true."
Ethan (the baby of the family): Every night after scriptures and prayers I dominate him in wrestling and make him say uncle. [HAHAAHAAA!!!! That's a good one, Ethan!]
Andrea: One time I came home from babysitting or something with a $20 bill. I was very excited so I showed Dad. [Bad idea, Ands] He took it, stuffed it in his mouth, chewed on it for a few seconds, then gave it back to me. Gross!
---That reminds me of a while back Brett and I went out to dinner and as we were driving home I looked on the receipt to check the price of something, and Brett grabbed it and stuck it in his nose. I yelped and said "What are you doing!!" And he said, "Pulling a Jack Rasmussen" (which is my dad, of course) and I laughed my head off because the first thing that came in my head was 'whoa dad!!'
Sheesh, I just realized that maybe those of you reading this were not aware until this time just how weird I really am...I hope you will still be my friend!


Ginger and Loren said...

Kayli, you are the awesomest! And very cute too. Love the new hair, I think that it's a keeper.


Kerry said...

Wow! You do look much more distinguished with that do. Very cute! And very brave! I am not that brave. I wish I could see it in person!

Christy said...

The haircut is divine!

Heather said...

I love the haircut. It makes me want to go get a haircut. I love changing my hair around.

jessica said...

cute do'!

Kristi said...

your hair is really cute. your dad is really funny.

Andrea said...

The hair is great! I really like it and I'm not just saying that. I also got my haircut last week, but it wasn't quite as big of a change as yours. . . I always had long hair until I went on my mission then I cut it short and since then I go through this thing where I grow it out and then cut it short over and over. . . anyway--I love your hair! What I want to know is what does Brett think???

Andrea said...

OH, and I'd like to meet your dad. :)

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