Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Idea for a book.

You know how in families everyone kindof gets a label? There's the smart one, the funny one, the athletic one, etc.? Well, I am the alleged lazy one. Everyone has this idea that I "worked harder to get out of work than it would have taken just to do it." This is, in all actuality, a great misconception. A complete and absolute fallacy. Delusion. I did my Saturday's work just the same as everyone else (better, in fact, than my brothers, I would say), did after-school chores, and I took my turns doing the dishes THE SAME AS EVERYONE else.

The only smidgeon of fact that they have to base this whole falsehood on is that once on a Sunday when it was time to do the dishes, I lied down on the floor and went to sleep (this was in the days of early morning seminary where sleep was cherished (oh wait, it still is)), and my mom let me stay asleep and I got out of doing them. That's it.

So, I was chatting with one of my sisters on the phone yesterday, and she said I should write a book about Doing A Great Many Things While Avoiding Work, or something like that. I was like, yeah yeah, ha ha (the old stereotype again). Then later, she said something about making her kids mac and cheese for lunch and I said "I don't make it that often. It's too much work for a lunch." She started laughing her head off and told me that that should go in my book. Ruff.

Then today I was talking to her again, and she was saying how much laundry she had to fold. And I said that folding laundry is one of my better liked chores, because you can fold it while sitting down watching a movie. Then I said that one time my mom mentioned to me that I did a lot of things sitting down, whereas she always does things standing up. For example, I might change the baby's diaper sitting down, or take potatoes to the table so I can sit down while peeling, or fold laundry. Of course, my sister again started laughing and said it should go in my book. Ruff.

I have a feeling that this book idea will rear it's ugly head a great deal in the future. Ruff.
Please do not be fooled by my family's false impressions. I am not lazy. That is all.


Heather said...

I don't think you're lazy. Look how cute your house decorations are. And look at all the fun pictures of your kids. That's evidence that you are taking pleasure in the good things in life, your family. The cleaning can always wait as long as you don't let it get too out of control. By that I mean that as long as you can walk on the floor without stepping on stuff then you're doing great. ;)

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

I would like to gently remind Kayli of her mysterious need to use the bathroom right as the dishes started, and the fact that it took an amazingly long time for her to come back(this was a several occasion occurence). As well as the fact that we are all just jealous because we believe you really never worked at school and look at your academic transcript! Ruff. The fact that I have three tests on Friday(two of which I just found out about) and one today, and then one on Saturday just makes me a little envious.

Heather said...

Oh, I didn't realize that you are one of THOSE people Kayli! Ruff My sister is one of THOSE people also. She seemed to be able to talk herself into an A without having to put the time and effort into studying the way I did. And I had to work extremely hard for any A I received. That's okay, I'll still be your friend.

Andrea said...

LOL. Kayli, that was too funny. I have NEVER gotten that impression of you. . . but it makes me laugh. Since I'm the youngest child I am always labeled with not having done as much work as the older siblings. I think I usually did what I was told to do. It was the parents that went easy on me. Was that my fault? :) JK!

Anonymous said...

Kayli, atleast Amy doesn't say SHE is going to write a book about you and put all the embarrassing and airheaded things you say in it. Thank your lucky stars. Kami

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