Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Boy

This is a layout I did recently. The title (which says, if you can't read it "You have stolen my heart") is inspired by my newest favorite song, "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional. I have listened to it over and over the past while. Very good.

So, I had a dream last night about Brett stealing back his car, the Opel (he really did have an Opel when we got married), from some place that was keeping it, and he did a big jump out, crashing through the door, just like in the movies. You know, if I hadn't married Brett, I wouldn't even know what an Opel is...let alone dream about one.

Here are some more things I've learned by being married to Brett:
-what the term "jimmy" means
-what a differential is, and what it is for
-what an intake manifold looks like
-that there is such a thing as biodiesel (let alone having it made in my very own garage)
-what a spoiler is (okay, maybe most people know that one)
-that the Chevy symbol is called a Chevy bow-tie
-all Chevy Novas are unibodies

And some places I'd never been to before Brett:
-the junkyard (now it is near and dear to my heart, as that is where our first date was to)
-classic car show
-demolition derby
-truck/tractor pull
-AutoZone (okay, maybe I had been inside the store before, but now it is much more familiar and almost homey)

Brett, with his very first baja derby car (he's the one in blue shirt in front)
And there's Brett and I in front of the Opel (in case you, like myself pre-Brett, have no idea what it is). Behind it is the Blazer Brett bought for $400 and put about $100 of parts in, and we drove for quite a while when we were first married.
We've been through 12 cars since we've been married (not quite six years). 13, if you count the parts car. It's a sickness, but...we've never made a car payment.
So, your assignment is if you read this, write 3 things you have learned from your spouse, either in your blog or in the comments. They can be any sort of things at all. I meant to do this before Valentine's Day, but that's when our computer crashed.
p.s. I've learned something about short hair.....I don't know how to do it!


Christy said...

1. Horny toads' horns are their own personal heat transfer devices.

2. There are people in this world that still own and like to wear fanny packs.

3. Firefox really is better than Internet Explorer.

Todd and Amy said...

LOVE your "stolen my heart" layout! When Easton was born Todd sang that song to him and I've been meaning to do a layout with that title... I'll have to work on the 3 things and post on our blog.

Kristi said...

I love that layout. might have to lift it! I will have to think about what I know now from Cory. hmmm.

Andrea said...

I loved this page of Brett. It is really cute AND i listened to the song--it was fun, too! I'll have to post about the spouse thing later. . .

Anonymous said...

1. How to move my hips in Merengue dancing.

2. What a CRJ, ERJ, and Dash-8 are, and what a power-off 180 is. Basically what Brett is for cars, Leo is for planes.

3. What cochino means, and some other choice spanish words mean.

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