Saturday, February 24, 2007

Joy bringer

What a HAPPY girl! Makes me happy.
So, we cleaned the church today and it takes a long time, but then the Ponds came to walk, and Brother Pond said "What can I help you with?" And he totally helped us! Basically, and not just because of this incident, he is the nicest man I know. And he loves me and my kids for our red hair. :) And Sister Pond ended up holding Ethne for us. It was soooo nice!
And church is cancelled tomorrow because of the freezing rain today. Weird Indiana.
Bye, I'm gonna go floss my teeth now. ;)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

LOL. KAYLI. . .you must have loved my post about flossing. It was kind of a weird thing to ask, but I need some help. :) So if you REALLY are a serious flosser I want to know how to start the habit.

I love Hazel's flower head and you rock that you cleaned the church. Don't you love nice people? You must be one if you were there cleaning the church with 3 kids (including one newborn!)

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