Thursday, February 15, 2007

Long time no see.

So, this is what's been going on at our house while our computer was down and out. Yep, that's bit the dust. Luckily, Jim the Computer Guy that Brett knows at school saved our *UNSAVED* pictures somehow. Blessings on him! So, with that and a blizzard (in Indiana!!!), I've been feeling a little out of touch, and I'm very happy to be back!

I don't know what Jethro is being here exactly, but it's pretty sweet, that's all I can say.

Me and my valentine. :) He made me a cd for valentine's day with songs on it that reminds him of me. I am listening to it right now. Awwww.

Hazel and Ethne in their sort-of matching outfits. Ethne is sliding down (but you can see that, of course) and Hazel's "grrrr" face is just too funny.

And this is here specifically to show my friend Jessica Merryweather just how cute her little scarf is on Hazel. Thank you!!
What else? Well, I read a good couple of books the past few days, worked out two days in a row!!!!! (that is amazing considering I haven't worked out since....well, we won't go into that. But man, Cindy Crawford kicks my bum!!) had fun making heart pizza, heart jello, and heart brownies for Valentine's Day, and got a cute V-day card in the mail from my visiting teacher. I will share it with you all because usually cards are pretty boring. I myself, dislike writing thank-you cards because they're so, well, lame. But not Nicole's!!! :
Kayli, Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope your V-day is lovely and romantical --filled with schmooz and mush. And maybe candy. Candy is good for holidays.
I'll miss seeing you in primary (she just got released from being Sunbeams teacher....wahhh!! She did GREAT last year with Jethro) on Sundays and your lessons. You're a fantastic gal with nice hair and mannerisms (my favorite line). Thanks for your cheery example.
You're the man.
Isn't that great?
P.S. Anyone who is a blogger, do you know if you can change the placement of pics once you upload them? Can you put one that is on top down on the bottom and so on? Thanks. Also, does anyone know what ETA stands for?


Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear about your computer, but I'm happy you were able to save your pictures and that you are able to blog again. I think you can go in and edit your post and move your pictures then, but I'm not totally sure.

Christy said...

ETA: Estimate Time of Arrival.

About moving your pictures around: you can just go back and edit your post and move them where you want. Sometimes if you preview your post before--it doesn't look like it will after you post it. I just go back and edit to tweak it to how I want it.

Hope that helps!

Sorry about the computer and the blizzard. We're having sub-zero temps here in Nebraska and have had snow on the ground for all of 2007 so far. Luckily--they are pretty good about having the roads cleared so we haven't been stranded at home much.

Christy said...

I just realized that I answered a different picture question than one you asked.

Yes, you can move around the pictures once you've uploaded them. In my browser (Firefox), all I have to do is click and drag them where I want them just like you would do in a word document.

Jessica said...

Ok - that scarf looks way cute on her!
I think your little valentines dinner was so creative!

Kristi said...

my pictures just go where they want! I don't know how to get them where I want to, although I am sure I used to know. ETA means edited to add- I think, like if you post then later want to write more, you put ETA, then whatever you want.

Andrea said...

I'm happy to see you are back in action!

I loved the photo of you and Brett AND enjoyed the cute thank you. . . I agreed with it all (meaning the nice things about Kayli). :) Wish I could have been there to savor some of those Valentine's sweets! Looks like you had fun. :)

Kerry said...

Would that Thank You card have been from Nicole? And didn't I help to some extent with Jethro in sunbeams too? Just for those few months of pure sunbeam torture? What am I...chopped liver?

No, I am just kidding. Nicole is/was a great sunbeam teacher. I hope she isn't afraid of having her own children now. She was fun to teach with, and get to know.

Anonymous said...

The other day in primary a teacher asked "what are some of the things you can ask Jesus to help you with?" and this kid said, "Hurricanes, ummm, falling bricks." It was hysterical, all of us teachers were trying not to laugh outright. Kami

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