Friday, February 9, 2007

I'd like you to meet...

My sister Lindsay. She's special not only because she's my sister, but because she's my only 'little' sister. She's turning 18 this month and she's pretty darn awesome. So I've always felt a little bit like people don't really know me until they know my family, so here we start. Maybe at some point, you'll know all of them (sorry if that doesn't excite you, first of all --it should, and second, the cool thing about my blog is that I can write about whatever I want to!)

This is us when we were young.

And this is us when we were older.
And this is her and her man. (But he's pre-mish, so we'll see.) She's a stellar piano player, has a lovely voice, swing dances awesomely that makes me jealous, has alarming psychotic cleaning tendencies (much like my mother, but it was always kinda nice to share a room with her, because I never had to clean. It went a bit far, though, like when I would come in late from working at DQ, put my "uniform" on the floor, because I just had to go back in the morning, and she would say "Kayli, you need to fold these up and put them in the closet." WHAT!? Is this really coming from a young pre-teen, or is it an old lady in disguise? Anyway.)
As you can see, she looks nothing like me (disregard that picture of us where we kinda look like we have the same face shape. It's deceiving. We really don't). In fact, we're VERY opposite. Not just hair and eye color, but her skin is pretty much the definition of olive-toned. Me---not so much. My mom has said my Uncle Delroy didn't have all the children that he was supposed to, and so they (the youngest two) had to get sent to us. I almost believe it.
She's been the designated babysitter for the grandkids ever since the very beginning, and now that there's 22 or so, she's had more experience than most moms! We all beg her frequently to come be our personal nannies, but she never will, although she has often stayed with us right after we've had babies. So I think she better have quadruplets to start out with, if she had just one she would be bored and wonder where the other 3 were to haul around and take care of.
Here's a funny story. When I was in high school we shared a room and a bed. One night I came home from a party and my friend came in my room with me. Lindsay was already in bed asleep, of course, and we started talking about boys and kissing and all sorts of juicy stuff like that, and then after a while, I decided to go back to the party with my friend (I'd already checked in, and this was the one time in my life that I "snuck out.") So, all's good, the next day I was doing my Saturday's work, vacuuming the sun room (take note...I was WORKING!), and Lindsay gets home from somewhere and comes in and shuts the door and says "I heard EVERYTHING!!!!" WHAT?!?!!??!?! Oh no, I've corrupted my sweet little sister! I could NOT believe that she had stayed so quiet the entire time!!! Could not believe it. But, she was a dear, and never told on me, and hopefully gleaned a few tips. JUST KIDDING! Anyway, fun fun.
She's way fun and beautiful and awesome and I hope that I get to live close to her someday.
P.S. My name was ALMOST was on the paper at the hospital but then one of my aunts (Aunt LaVerle, I believe?) came in and asked which name they'd decided on, and they said 'Lindsay,' and she said, 'Ahh, I liked Kayli better' so then it got changed.


Kristi said...

she's 18! wow. she is a sweety. that aunt Laverle. sheesh!! her man looks cute. Lindseys man, that is.

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

I'm glad that you only put good stuff about me on your blog. Hey, mom wishes my 'psychotic cleaning tendencies' would come back to haunt me. Unfortunately, when you spend most weekends at siblings houses and are only home for the hours that you sleep, the cleanliness of your room is not only at the bottom of the priority list, but it is actually hard to find time for it! But mostly she just tells me to hang my coat up a zillion times and hopes that I might catch on and pick up all the textbooks and notecards on my floor.

Andrea said...

That was a great story! It made me laugh. :)

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