Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yahoo to be YOU!

I started this post and thought, "hmmm, no new pictures today" but then I remember I DID take a few!! (Because Jethro got a new shirt today...an excellent excuse to take pics.) So there it is.

Now, some inspirational quotes on being YOU!

Today you are you,
It is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is you-er than you!

Shout aloud I am glad
To be what I am,
Thank goodness I'm not
a clam, or a ham, or a dusty old jar of gooseberry jam. --Dr. Seuss

And now, one that is just a little deeper:
"I have a conviction deep down in my heart that we are exactly what weshould be, each one of us, except as we may have altered that pattern bydeviating from the laws of God here in mortality. I have convinced myselfthat we all have those peculiar attributes, characteristics, and abilitieswhich are essential for us to possess in order that we may fulfil the fullpurpose of our creation here upon this earth. Once again, that allotmentwhich has come to us from God is a sacred allotment. It is something ofwhich we should be proud, each one of us in our own right, and not wish thatwe had somebody else's allotment. Our greatest success comes from beingourselves. I think that we can console ourselves best by believing thatwhatever is our allotment in life, whatever is our call in the priesthood,the Lord has been wise and just, and I might add, merciful, in giving to usthat which we need to accomplish the particular purpose of our call." (ElderHenry D. Moyle, Conference Report, October 1952)

So, we should all be happy to be US!! I am!

Today I went on a hot date with my hubby to Hour Time...I even bought a new outfit for the occasion. (Okay, actually it was the other way around...I bought a new shirt and thought we should go out so I could wear it.) Then we had fun shopping at Goodwill (a favorite thing to do). We took home a couple good finds, like a couple games for the kids and hoodies for me and a pair of pants for Brett.

Earlier, I ventured out into the freezing world to take Ethne to Target to get her 3-month pictures taken. (3 months already?!!!!!!) She did SOO great--smiled soooo big!!! Can't wait to get it back, only I was really ticked to find out that there was a better coupon online than the one I used. Ruff. Then we wandered around Target for quite a while, just because they were all being good and it was fun. (Hence, coming home with a new shirt for me and Jethro and a frame and a few other not-absolutely-necessaries.) Ah well, Brett's hard-earned money has to be used somehow! (Okay, okay! I'm just kidding. I do realize that that is NOT the right attitude. :) ) My mom bought me a full-length mirror when she came and visited, so it has been kinda fun seeing *all* of myself. :)

Have a day!

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Andrea said...

Great thoughts. . . and inspirational. Everyone needs to hear that once in awhile. I LOVE all of your photos. They are great. . .I especially liked the one of you and Jethro--it was so sweet.

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