Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday is a Special Day.

Another day, another forty pictures. :) But I'll just share a few. First, Ethne's "sweet" expressions.

And then, some of Hazel, although taking her picture is like pulling teeth (sheesh, it's as if she gets her picture taken a lot or something!)...even WITH bribing (hence the tic tac), but it was the first time I've ever braided her piggy tails and it was sooo cute! And her big sparkly eyes!

I had a nice day today. Slept in (yay for Brett and movies!), then when Ethne was sleeping I walked to Goodwill (one of my favorite stores) with J and H, and despite Hazel getting very tired and grouchy and tipping over our stroller once, I got a lot of good deals. Wippee!! (as Hazel would say). I got two cute shirts for Hazel (one is in the picture) and an adorable dress for her, a sweater for me, and this for Ethne for her birthday. It is even CUTER in real life. Seriously so adorable. And only......(drum roll) 16 dollars!!! Which I still thought was a little high, until I came home and looked it up online. Now I am way extra-super-duper pleased with the purchase. We'll see if it waits until her birthday or comes out sooner.
Then I went to and ran a few more errands and came home to grilled cheese sandwiches (hit the spot) and yummy almond joy cake that I made with the kids yesterday to celebrate all my family's birthdays in January (Dad, Mom, Andrea, Ethan, Wyatt---Happy Birthday!). It is sooooooooo scrumptious! I'll share the recipe if anyone is interested.
Hmmm, what should I leave you to ponder tonight? Well, once a while back I wrote a list of 50 things I love (it was fun, makes you should all do it. really.), and even though anyone reading this knows me already, since it is a new blog, we can call this a get-to-know-you thingee. Hmm. Anyway. In no particular order:
1. campfires
2. grainaries
3. bargain shopping (thrift stores and garage sales)
4. Brett's colognes
5. faint sound of train whistles at night
6. vanilla chocolates (made by my mom, of course)
7. Hazel's bedhead and first hug in the morning
8. pictures
9. cookie dough
11.swimming in lakes
12. playing catch with a football
13. dances
14. Jethro saying "Mommy, did you know that I did wuv you?"
15. good back scratches
16. crepes with cream cheese and chokecherry syrup (and when my mom came to visit me a week ago she brought me a quart of syrup and we had these and I L*O*V*E*D them)
17. tiny baby sleeping in your arms
18. cuddling with Brett
19. fudge
20. a perfect hit in softball
21. bacon and tomato sandwiches (could have these every day in the summer!)
22. playing Rook with my family
23. the way Hazel bounces when she walks
24. Robin Hood (the old movie)
25. Pachelbel's Canon in D
26. corn on the cob and peas right out of the garden
27. cornfields or hayfields rippling in the wind
28. icecream
29. playing night games
30. wildflowers
31. scrapbooking
32. getting packages in the mail
33. purple grapes
34. horseback riding
35. being married to Brett
36. barns
37. laughing so hard my stomach hurts
38. pirates
39. Brett's hands
40. bright kitchens
41. dishwashers
42. reading good books
43. good hair days
44. compliments
45. my own little family
46. trees
47. rodeos
48. going on dates with Brett
49. smell of vanilla
50. cowboy hats


Heather said...

Just curious, what is grainaries?

Am I the only one that caught a common theme in the top 50? I think the recurring theme throughout involved Brett. That's great! It's always good to enjoy the things about the person you love.

Enjoy Indiana, I sure miss it.

Kerry said...

Ok. I have three comments. #1- I bought the same little outfit from Target that Ethne is wearing for my soon to be baby!#2- Why graineries? and #3- I have to agree that chokecherry syrup is fantabulously yummy!

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