Thursday, January 18, 2007

Book Recommendations

*LOVED* this picture of Ethne I took today. She is so cute and getting so big! (Although she's just pretending that she knows how to sit up...she really doesn't.)

So, I tried this once before and it all got eaten somehow, so here is the sweetened condensed version. I didn't do anything on my list of things to do today because instead I read a book called "Fairest" by Gail Carson Levine, same author as "Ella Enchanted." It was a good, easy, feel-good fairy tale that I knew wouldn't take too long to read (although I still neglected my poor children for most of the day). Then I had to hurry and clean up and vacuum the floor really fast to create the illusion of a clean house before the Davis' got here to drop off Elise. Happy Anniversary to you guys!

The second book recommendation was recommended to me by my sister Andrea. It is called "Baby Danced the Polka," and it is a REALLY fun read-aloud for little kids. You have to get into fun.

Anyway, that's about all I have for today, but for my closing thought (since I must leave you with something more humorous than my boring books) I will pass on a quote from my "Dad Book" (which is a book all about my dad including funny quotes, e-mails etc.).

In honor of the Davis' Anniversary, the theme will be Marriage.
This was an e-mail my dad sent to my sister:

The four most important things in a marriage are:
real concern (greater than what you have for yourself)

Love, the Philisophical Fat Geezer

And here's one more (another e-mail), just because I think it's funny:

Yo! It is a nebulous sort of morning on which I pen my regards to your little eyes. Have joy in this current historic space of time. tata


Kerry said...

Well, I have no doubt that Ethne is your kid. Or that she is Jethro and Hazel's sister. Nope...not one bit do I doubt! She looks just like them I think!Cute!

Your dad sounds funny.

Andrea said...

I'm loving your blog. This is fun. So I put the book on hold on the library. I always love hearing about new books! The emails were great. . .those were both from your dad? Also, I thought you said you didn't do digital scrapbooking or are you scanning? Looks cute, either way!

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