Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Items of Interest

Some pictures of my cute little family from January.

I towed my three kids to the mall today and exchanged a skirt for a different size, and when I got home and looked at the receipt again, I decided I should've just returned it. My mom bought it for me, but gift or not, it's just too expensive for one item that will probably get puked on or stained or something, because that's what seems to happen to your most expensive clothes. Plus (and this is probably the clincher) Brett doesn't really like it, although my mom had some rather....interesting...ideas of how to get him to like it more. ;)
It makes me glad I don't live in France, where the stores are very customer-unfriendly. At least that's what I learned in my humanities class in college--the teacher (who had lived there) said that pretty much if you buy it, you bought it. No returns, exchanges, refunds, etc. What would I do?!

Now for the items of interest:
1. My mom recently visited me and we got on the subject of falling asleep and she was saying how it always takes her forever to relax and stop thinking and jerking. So I was telling her about the Bradley method (I'm pretty sure that's the one) of birthing where you consciously make every part of you relax, yada yada, and she said that that makes her more worked up because she'll be thinking 'foot, relax, relax.....are you relaxed?' etc. It was pretty funny. So, the point of all this is she said that the one thing that she has found to work is to smile. Funny, eh? We thought maybe smiling makes the body think it is happy, thus making it relax more. Very intriguing.

2. Isn't it interesting how much better a little empathy can make you feel? I was at playgroup today, and I complained about how Ethne has been staying up really late every night for the last while and it's been making me feel like pulling my hair out, and someone else said that her daughter was up part of the night the other night, probably teething, and it made her want to strangle her, or herself. After she said that I felt much comforted.

3.We went to the library today and I picked up a book from the free pile called "World's Great Love Letters." I just read a few on the way home, but there are some great ones from Henry VIII to his second wife, Anne Boleyn. He later had her beheaded. Hmmm. Isn't there a line in Romeo and Juliet that says in effect, Love moderately because really passionate love is quickly consumed? Ah, here it is, I found it: "Therefore love moderately: long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow." - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet -Friar Laurence
I guess Henry VIII should've listened to Friar Laurence. (I only thought of this because I recently watched the movie---I'm not a Shakespeare authority.)

4. The collage was made with an awesome FREE photo editing thingee called Picasa. You can download it at


Andrea said...

I have been wanting to ask you when you were going to become a blogger. Especially since I know you read at least 3 peoples' blogs AND leave comments. You were practically blogging already.:) I love your collage! The photos are adorable. Now I have another blog to wind down to at night. Sweet. Happy blogging, girl!

Kayli said...

Thanks! I don't think Brett is really into the whole idea of blogging, especially when it's people I don't know (and there's only about two that I read of people I don't know) so I kept stalling. But so far it's been fun.

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