Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thingee thing things.

Wyatt and Orrin got shots the other day.  Orrin was SUUUUPER excited to get a shot.  ?  He was.  I asked him if he knew what a shot was, and he said yes.  So anyway, he got 4 shots and he was sooo funny--he didn't cry, during the first shot so I exclaimed, "You were right Orrin!!! You're not crying at all!" and then he started giggling.  So then the next couple ones he would grimace and then start laughing.  So funny.

Anyway, but then his poor leg got soooo swollen and red the next day and day after.  

This was our garden a while ago.  I took some pictures just today or yesterday-I don't remember- and things have grown so much more even.  Yeah, I know I have pictures of my garden like it's a new baby or something but since I don't have a new baby I guess that's what you get.

Flower garden.  Hardly any of the zinnias I planted the first time came up, so I replanted.

First fruits of the garden!  Beet greens for dinner.  Delicious.

Handsome Brett with the handsome rooster.

Brett bought a motorcycle for Jethro!  Actually it is a broken motorcycle so that Jethro can ride it once he's fixed it.  At least that's the plan.

Hazel had her birthday!  She is 11!

And Brett got a t-shirt for Father's Day and that is why he has a tag sticking out.

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Rachael said...

Oh, I'm soooo envious of your garden! Stupid Indiana is cold, rainy, and flooding like mad, so who knows if I will get ANYTHING this year from my poor little yellow plants.

So...are you keeping the rooster? Has he started to crow yet? I swear our rooster had the rooster version of Tourette's. Beautiful bird but he would just stand outside the kitchen door crowing every 4 seconds (I kid you not) and twitching his head to the left, and he was so mean to the hens! I was not sad when he went to a new home. But someday I'd like a breeding flock, especially since we have three broody hens right now who go nuts every time we kick them out of the nesting boxes.

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