Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fun Summer Stuff

So we have done a few fun things since school got out.  We went to a playground.

This is the face Wyatt gave me when I offered to help him put his bike in the back of the van.  NO!

He'll do it himself, thank you very much!

And he did.

Then, the funnest thing yet--we had a School's Out and Summer's Beginning Party with three families who are our really good friends.  The Burts, Chous, and Kimbers.  We told them to bring homework to burn, and they were SERIOUS about it.  We roasted hot dogs and had good food and lots of fun.

Fun fact--out of the three families we invited all of them have only one girl, and all of them are Hazel's age.  There were a lot of boys there!

Brett brought a bucket of water after a while, just ...because.  :)

The guys played cornhole.

The moms and kids played red rover and partner tag.  There was also a lot of chicken chasing.

Blurry picture showing how well even the little guys had so much fun playing together.

We had so much fun chatting and playing and eating and at the end someone pulled out a football so I edged my way out of the conversation I was in so I could throw and it was the best.  Really really really fun.  And the Kimbers are moving away--right after we got here!  So we had to get together with them.

Finally got to the pool one afternoon.

We had not been there for long at all before the sky got very dark and the wind picked up and it started to rain.  We swam in the rain until they finally made us get out when they couldn't see the bottom of the pool.

The next night we went to a free family game night at the YMCA pool and had tons of fun swimming (and sweeping all the games).  Wyatt had on a puddle jumper life-jacket thingee and while he was very nervous and would barely let go of his death-grip on me at first, by the end he was continuously making me stand him on the edge of the pool so he could jump in all by himself.  It was awesome.

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