Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Days of Croatia

Oh gosh I love beautiful blue water.  I honestly think I really could live somewhere where this is the morning view from my window:

We went to this big quarry where there was supposed to be a carving of Hercules.  I was so sure we'd never find it, but Brett is extremely persistent, and after searching for a very long time, he found it.

 See it?

If you can't see it, I don't blame you, it's really hard to see in real life, let alone in a picture, but it is right in the middle, taking up most of the rock, and it looks just like the white picture in the sign above.  And here's Talmage posing just like Hercules.  :)


I just love love love my girls!

And I also love pretty light.

Brother love.  :)

And another gorgeous day at the beach.  Maybe the most beautiful day of all--perfectly calm and just beautiful.

Wolfie was not a fan of being in the water at first...

but Brett kept giving him rocks to throw into the water,

and he finally came to like it!

Geemanee I love this little boy.

Ahhh!  Monster baby coming ashore!!

I love this little blonde head.

Our last morning was more cloudy.

Our view from the ferry.  Goodbye Brac!!!  I love you with all my heart!


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kami said...

Kayli, can I hire to come with us on every vacation I ever go on? Your pictures are stunning. So beautiful and your kids are adorable.

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