Friday, June 5, 2015

Big machines, a kitty cat, and so on

The Monday before last was Memorial Day and we had a really fun day.  In the morning there was a ward breakfast.  Some people were playing baseball and I started playing and it was the really fun kind where everyone gets pitches until they get a hit.  And I got an awesome hit!  Woohoo!  And then we took Jethro's friend Isaac home with us so he could shovel with Jethro and Brett for a while, and then we went to a lake where we met some friends and swam and canoed.  It was really fun.

Then Brett took the rest of the week off work so he could stay home and work.  A lot.  Every day he worked super hard from sunup to sundown.  After doing lots of man-powered shoveling, he decided to not waste any more time and rent a digger.  Also, he wanted to dig deep enough to check on the drainage at the base of the foundation.

Wyatt hanging out.

Playing catch.

Wolfie and Obi were twins one day!

So cute!!!!

Next Brett rented a big ol' saw and cut some holes in our house.

I had to help him sometimes because it was difficult to hold the saw up when he was cutting horizontally.  But after the first one or two times, he did it without me after all.

I can see Brett!

Duck-petting time.

Kids and poultry.

A friend in our ward brought gravel for us in his dump truck.

The kids got into Halloween costumes they haven't seen in five years, and Wyatt looked super-duper cute in this lion costume that Jethro wore when he was that age.

Jethro NOW, on the other hand, is this GIANT kid that I have to look at twice every time I see him because he's too huge to be my kid.

He gets up early to go to jr. high (evidenced in this picture), but I still refuse to believe he's that big.  Plus he's a funny guy, who makes me laugh when he says things like, "That's preposterous," or "Curses!"   I sure love him!

And my Ethne cutie.

Boys doing more work.

It PAINS me how cute he is!!!

Ducks eating bugs.

Brett building window wells from railroad ties.

My sweet baby with his baby.

 Two windows.

And then I brought home a kitty.  And I wish I had gotten Wyatt's surprised reaction on video because it was the sweetest thing ever.

And when I asked Orrin what he thought we should name her, he thought for a while and said, "Love."

When Brett finished the window wells, the same guy in our ward came with his skid loader and kindly pushed the dirt back in for us. 

The end.


kami said...

Sweet! You twinner pictures of Orrin and Wyatt wereso cute. I also liked how Brett got his own photos with a duck.

kami said...
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kami said...

You need to change your profile info, since you're not in Switzerland anymore.

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